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Ultrathin metal layer, ITO film and ITO/Cu/ITO multilayer towards transparent antenna
The authors have investigated radioelectrical performances of monopole antennas fabricated from transparent conducting films. Ultrathin copper layer, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) film and ITO/Cu/ITOExpand
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Transparency and electrical properties of meshed metal films
Abstract Meshed silver/titanium films, deposited on a 1737 Corning glass substrate by radiofrequency (r.f.) magnetron sputtering and etched by wet process, have been studied. Sputtering parametersExpand
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CPW-Fed Disc-loaded Monopole Array Antenna with Integrated PIN Diode Switches
A switched beam disk-loaded parasitic monopole antenna array with coplanar waveguide (CPW) feeding systems with integrated PIN diode switches is described. The measured gain of the antenna in theExpand
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Influence of the transistor location on the behavior of a transistorized printed antenna
An active receiving antenna based on a printed monopole and a bipolar transistor is presented in this paper. A transistor is used in order to miniaturize the size and increase the bandwidth of theExpand
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Optically transparent monopole antenna with high radiation efficiency manufactured with silver grid layer (AgGL)
A technology based on a meshed silver/titanium bilayer printed on glass substrate is briefly presented. A sheet resistance equal to 0.054 /sq with 81.3 of optical transparency is obtained. TheExpand
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Performance and Radiation Patterns of a Reconfigurable Plasma Corner-Reflector Antenna
A novel reconfigurable plasma corner reflector antenna is proposed to better collimate the energy in forward direction operating at 2.4 GHz. Implementation of a low-cost plasma element permits beamExpand
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Wideband Omnidirectional and Compact Antenna for VHF/UHF Band
A wideband omnidirectional and compact (WIBOC) antenna is proposed in this letter. The antenna is constructed with a combination of an upper metallic plane with an elliptic shape, a rectangularExpand
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Radiofrequency performances of transparent ultra-wideband antennas
In this paper, optically transparent ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antennas in S-band and Cband are presented, compared and discussed. Three transparent UWB antennas elaborated from the AgGL (SilverExpand
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A Novel Broadband Eighth-Wave Conical Antenna
A novel antenna is composed of a conical monopole with metallic parasitic elements and a capacitive disk placed above a ground plane. A dielectric substrate is used in order to optimize theExpand
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Mechanically Pattern-Reconfigurable Bended Horn Antenna for High-Power Applications
In this letter, a mechanically pattern-reconfigurable antenna is presented to achieve various half-power beamwidth for high-power applications. A bended H-sectoral horn antenna with two movableExpand
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