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Plant impact on the biogeochemical cycle of silicon and related weathering processes
Abstract The contribution of plants to the biogeochemical cycle of Si and related weathering processes was studied in an equatorial rainforest ecosystem (Congo) where the biologic turnover of Si isExpand
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In situ produced 10Be measurements at great depths: implications for production rates by fast muons
In situ cosmogenic 10Be values have been used to investigate a Brazilian quartz vein from the surface to a depth of 15 m. At depths greater than 1000 g/cm2, deep enough for neutron-induced reactionsExpand
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Mineralogical control of organic carbon dynamics in a volcanic ash soil on La Réunion
In soil carbon dynamics, the role of physicochemical interactions between organic matter and minerals is not well understood nor quantified. This paper examines the interactions between soil organicExpand
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Long-term tropical morphogenesis of New Caledonia (Southwest Pacific): Importance of positive epeirogeny and climate change
Extensive mapping of relict lateritic landsurfaces over the 1600 m of relief of mainland New Caledonia is used to evaluate long-term morphogenesis of the island since its emergence in the Oligocene.Expand
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Evidence for muon‐induced production of 10Be in near‐surface rocks from the Congo
Distributions of 10Be in vein quartz from a lateritic weathering profile from the Congo provide evidence for significant in situ production of 10Be by reactions other than neutron-induced spallation.Expand
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Computing a null divergence velocity field using smoothed particle hydrodynamics
A new use of smoothed particle hydrodynamics in fluid simulation is presented: an algorithm solving the Helmholtz-Hodge decomposition using SPH in order to find the null divergence velocity field for incompressible flow simulation. Expand
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The development of iron crust lateritic systems in Burkina Faso, West Africa examined with in-situ-produced cosmogenic nuclides
We have investigated the development of iron crust laterites on the stable West African Craton in northern Burkina Faso using cosmogenic radionuclides produced in situ in quartz veins and pebbles.Expand
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Generalized Fountain Theorem and applications to strongly indefinite semilinear problems
Abstract By using the degree theory and the τ -topology of Kryszewski and Szulkin, we establish a version of the Fountain Theorem for strongly indefinite functionals. The abstract result will beExpand
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Occurrence of mycorrhizal symbioses in the metal-rich lateritic soils of the Koniambo Massif, New Caledonia
The occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) was surveyed in ten endemic plant species of the Koniambo Massif (New Caledonia) and associated metal-enriched ultramafic soils along a topographicExpand
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Canopy structure and light interception in Quercus petraea seedlings in relation to light regime and plant density.
Foliage structure was measured on 1- and 2-year-old Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. seedlings grown in 100 or 18% sunlight at a planting density of 2.8 or 25 plants per m(2). A three-dimensionalExpand
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