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A walk on the wild side
Isaac Newton is rarely out of the news these days. Last year there was the publication of Isaac Newton, James Gleick’s elegant distillation of Newton’s character and science. Last month came theExpand
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Nothing: A Very Short Introduction
1. Much Ado About Nothing 2. How Empty is an Atom? 3. Space 4. Waves in What? 5. Travelling on a Light Beam 6. The Cost of Free Space 7. The Infinite Sea 8. The Higgs Vacuum 9. The New Void NotesExpand
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The particle odyssey : a journey to the heart of the matter
1. The world of particle physics 2. Voyage into the atom 3. The structure of the atom 4. The extraterrestrials 5. The cosmic rain 6. The challenge of the big machines 7. The particle explosion 8.Expand
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Particle Physics: A Very Short Introduction
1. Journey to the centre of the universe 2. How big and small are big and small 3. How we learn what things are made of and what we found 4. The heart of the matter 5. Accelerators: cosmic andExpand
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Novel charmonium and bottomonium spectroscopies due to deeply bound hadronic molecules from single pion exchange
Pion exchange in S-wave between hadrons that are themselves in a relative S-wave is shown to shift energies by hundreds of MeV, leading to deeply bound quasimolecular states. In the case of charmedExpand
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Glueball caught in a lattice
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Confirmation for quantum chromodynamics
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The reality of relativity
Einstein's Mirrorby Tony Hey and Patrick Walters. Cambridge University Press: 1997. Pp. 287. £50, $69.95 (hbk), £16.95, $27.95 (pbk)
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The Infinity Puzzle: Quantum Field Theory and the Hunt for an Orderly Universe
Speculation is rife that by 2012 the elusive Higgs boson will be found at the Large Hadron Collider. If found, the Higgs boson would help explain why everything has mass. But there's more atExpand
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