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Development of a fluorescent antibody virus neutralisation test (FAVN test) for the quantitation of rabies-neutralising antibody.
A microtest named the FAVN test (fluorescent antibody virus neutralisation test), which is an adaptation of the original rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT) has been developed andExpand
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Genetic Diversity of the Cestode Echinococcus multilocularis in Red Foxes at a Continental Scale in Europe
Background Alveolar echinococcosis (AE) is a severe helminth disease affecting humans, which is caused by the fox tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis. AE represents a serious public health issue inExpand
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Can rabies be eradicated?
Rabies, an acute progressive encephalitis, is an ancient zoonosis. Its distribution encompasses all continents, except Antarctica. Agents consist of at least 11 species orgenotypes of rhabdoviruses,Expand
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Elimination of terrestrial rabies in Western European countries.
Since the late 1930s, the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) has been the main vector of rabies in Europe. Practically, decimation of fox population did not prevent the spread of the disease. The only efficientExpand
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Rabies in Europe: what are the risks?
Rabies remains a serious endemic disease in animal populations in many European countries. Oral vaccination by use of rabies vaccine baits has proved to be durably efficient for controlling andExpand
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Infection of foxes by Echinococcocus multilocularis in urban and suburban areas of Nancy, France: influence of feeding habits and environment.
This study evaluated the impact of biological and environmental factors on the infection of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) by Echinococcus multilocularis in an endemic area of north-east France. FromExpand
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The safety and efficacy of the oral rabies vaccine SAG2 in Indian stray dogs.
India is one of the countries with the highest prevalence of human rabies throughout the world. Dogs are primarily responsible for rabies transmission. Among them, stray dogs play a major role inExpand
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Potentially Zoonotic Bartonella in Bats from France and Spain
We detected Bartonella in 11 of 109 insectivorous bats from France and 1 of 26 bats from Spain. These genetic variants are closely related to bat-associated Bartonella described in Finland and theExpand
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Neutralising antibody titration in 25,000 sera of dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies in France, in the framework of the new regulations that offer an alternative to quarantine.
Regulations governing international movements of domestic carnivores from rabies-infected to rabies-free countries have recently been loosened, with the adoption of a system that combines vaccinationExpand
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ELISA test for rabies antibody titration in orally vaccinated foxes sampled in the fields.
The assessment of the efficacy of rabies oral vaccination campaigns requires the titration of specific antibodies in the target species. Unfortunately, in Continental Europe, most fox serum samplesExpand
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