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Trends in Income Inequality and its Impact on Economic Growth
In most OECD countries, the gap between rich and poor is at its highest level since 30 years. Today, the richest 10 per cent of the population in the OECD area earn 9.5 times the income of theExpand
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Identifying the Sources of Local Productivity Growth
Using firm-level based TFP indicators (as opposed to employment-based proxies) we estimate the effects of alternative sources of dynamic externalities at the local level. In contrast to previousExpand
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Does Credit Crunch Investment Down? New Evidence on the Real Effects of the Bank-Lending Channel
This paper shows evidence on the real effects of the bank lending channel exploiting the dramatic 2007 liquidity drought in interbank markets as a source of variation in banks' credit supply. For aExpand
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Service Regulation and Growth: Evidence from OECD Countries
We study the effects of anti�?competitive service regulation by examining whether OECD countries with less anti�?competitive regulation see better economic performance in manufacturing industriesExpand
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The Effects of Employment Protection Legislation and Financial Market Imperfections on Investment: Evidence from a Firm-Level Panel of EU Countries
This paper analyzes the joint effect of EPL and financial market imperfections on investment, capital-labour substitution, labour productivity and job reallocation in a cross-country framework. InExpand
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Politicians at Work: The Private Returns and Social Costs of Political Connections
We quantify the private returns and social costs of political connections exploiting a unique longitudinal dataset that combines matched employer-employee data for a representative sample of ItalianExpand
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People I Know: Job Search and Social Networks
We assess the strength of information spillovers relating unemployment duration of workers displaced by firm closures to their former colleagues’ current employment status. Displaced-specificExpand
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Public Policy and Resource Allocation: Evidence from Firms in OECD Countries
The correlation between a firm’s size and its productivity level varies considerably across OECD countries, suggesting that some countries are more successful at channelling resources to highExpand
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Employment Protection Legislation, Capital Investment and Access to Credit: Evidence from Italy
Employment protection may affect both productivity and capital investment because higher adjustments costs hamper allocative efficiency and may therefore affect both the optimal capital labor inputExpand
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University Drop-Out - The Case of Italy
We combine individual and aggregate-level level data on educational attainment to study the determinants of university drop-out in Italy, one of the worst performers among developed countries. BasedExpand
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