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Oxidations by methyl(trifluoromethyl)dioxirane. 4.1 oxyfunctionalization of aromatic hydrocarbons
Abstract By using the title dioxirane ( 1a ), naphthalene ( 2 ), phenanthrene ( 3 ), and anthracene ( 4 ) have been converted into anti -naphthalene-1,2;3,4-dioxide ( 2′ ), phenonthrene-9,10-oxide (Expand
A selective bromination of aromatic amines
A simple method for monobromination of aromatic amines predominantly or exclusively in the para-position is reported. 2,4,4,6-Tetrabromocyclohexa-2,5-dienone is used as the halogenating agent inExpand
Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling of styrenes with aryl methyl ketones in ionic liquids: direct access to cyclopropanes.
The combined use of Pd(OAc)2 , Cu(OAc)2 , and dioxygen in molten tetrabutylammonium acetate (TBAA) promotes an unusual cyclopropanation reaction between aryl methyl ketones and styrenes. The processExpand
Glucose as a clean and renewable reductant in the Pd-nanoparticle-catalyzed reductive homocoupling of bromo- and chloroarenes in water.
An efficient and highly sustainable Ullmann-type homocoupling of bromo- and chloroarenes, including the more challenging electron-rich chloroarenes (e.g., 4-chloroanisole), catalyzed by in situExpand
Pd nanoparticle catalysed one-pot sequential Heck and Suzuki couplings of bromo-chloroarenes in ionic liquids and water.
Pd nanoparticles generated in green reaction media catalyze the one-pot sequential Heck and Suzuki coupling reactions of bromo-chloroarenes to afford unsymmetrically substituted arenes in good yields. Expand
Selective N‐Alkylation of Arylamines with Alkyl Chloride in Ionic Liquids: Scope and Applications
An efficient N-selective alkylation of primary aromatic amines in molten quaternary ammonium salts, as the solvent, under relatively mild and base-free conditions is presented. On the basis of theExpand
Mechanism of reaction between Grignard reagents and nitroarenes. Product distribution and relative reactivities of Grignard reagents with nitronaphthalene system
The reaction of 2-methoxy-1 nitronaphthalene with various Grignard reagents has been examined. Alkylmagnesium halides such as CH3MgBr, PhCH2MgBr, PhCH2CH2MgBr, C2H5MgBr, and i-C3H7MgBr giveExpand
Ullmann Homocoupling Catalysed by Gold Nanoparticles in Water and Ionic Liquid
The gold-catalysed Ullmann-type homocoupling of aryl halides is carried out with two different methodologies: (i) under micellar catalysis conditions in water and (ii) using a moltenExpand
Palladium/Zirconium Oxide Nanocomposite as a Highly Recyclable Catalyst for C-C Coupling Reactions in Water
The Pd/ZrO2 nanocatalyst is demonstrated to be a very efficient catalyst in Heck, Ullmann, and Suzuki reactions of aryl halides in water. Expand
Ionic‐Liquid‐Assisted Metal‐Free Oxidative Coupling of Amines To Give Imines
An oxidative coupling of amines to give imines in ionic liquids (ILs) under metal-free aerobic conditions has been developed. The high efficiency achievable in ILs is mechanistically explained inExpand