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An ultraluminous X-ray source powered by an accreting neutron star
The majority of ultraluminous X-ray sources are point sources that are spatially offset from the nuclei of nearby galaxies and whose X-ray luminosities exceed the theoretical maximum for sphericalExpand
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We report the discovery of 3.76 s pulsations from a new burst source near Sgr A^* observed by the NuSTAR observatory. The strong signal from SGR J1745–29 presents a complex pulse profile modulatedExpand
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Rapid Variability of Blazar 3C 279 During Flaring States in 2013-2014 with Joint Fermi-LAT, NuSTAR, Swift, and Ground-Based Multi-Wavelength Observations
We report the results of a multiband observing campaign on the famous blazar 3C 279 conducted during a phase of increased activity from 2013 December to 2014 April, including first observations of itExpand
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The Hot and Energetic Universe: A White Paper presenting the science theme motivating the Athena+ mission
This White Paper, submitted to the recent ESA call for science themes to define its future large missions, advocates the need for a transformational leap in our understanding of two key questions inExpand
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Asymmetries in core-collapse supernovae from maps of radioactive 44Ti in Cassiopeia A
Asymmetry is required by most numerical simulations of stellar core-collapse explosions, but the form it takes differs significantly among models. The spatial distribution of radioactive 44Ti,Expand
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Calibration of the NuSTAR High-energy Focusing X-ray Telescope
We present the calibration of the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) X-ray satellite. We used the Crab as the primary effective area calibrator and constructed a piece-wise linear splineExpand
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NuSTAR Observations of the State Transition of Millisecond Pulsar Binary PSR J1023+0038
We report NuSTAR observations of the millisecond pulsar-low-mass X-ray binary (LMXB) transition system PSR J1023+0038 from 2013 June and October, before and after the formation of an accretion diskExpand
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Black hole feedback in the luminous quasar PDS 456
Finding the necessary negative feedback The evolution of galaxies seems to be tied to the growth of the supermassive black holes at their centers, but it's not entirely clear why. Models haveExpand
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44Ti gamma-ray emission lines from SN1987A reveal an asymmetric explosion
Stellar metals shine toward our eyes only Taking a different look at a familiar star may still yield surprises. Boggs et al. trained the x-ray vision of the NuSTAR observatory on the well-studiedExpand
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