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Consumer complaint behaviour of Asians and non‐Asians about hotel services: An empirical analysis
Purpose – This paper aims to test the differences in the consumer complaint behaviour of Asian and non‐Asian hotel guests in terms of culture dimensions. It also aims to examine the relationship
An Exploratory Content Analysis of Product Placement in Top Grossing Films
ABSTRACTThe current study examines the prevalence and characteristics of brand appearances in the top grossing films broadcast in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Hong Kong (H.K.). An average of 13
The use of humor in television advertising in Hong Kong
Abstract The use of humor in advertising has been well researched in Western countries. However, the study of it in Chinese societies is still in its infancy. This study aims to investigate the
Antecedents of product placement effectiveness across cultures
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the marketing literature by developing and testing a conceptual model to examine the effects of product placement across a country low in
A Critical Realist and Multimethodology Framework for Product Placement Research
This article contributes to the existing literature by examining the appropriate philosophical and methodological foundations for research in marketing communication that has yet to be discussed. In
Young adults' perceptions of product placement in films: An exploratory comparison between the United Kingdom and Hong Kong
Even though young adults are a major audience of films and the main target group for product placement, very few studies explore how youngsters across cultures perceive and interpret this marketing
Mapping between placement strategies and placed product attributes in television programs
  • F. Chan
  • Business
    Journal of Marketing Communications
  • 2 October 2020
This study facilitates greater understanding among marketers and academics of the applicability of the theories to the non-traditional advertising context, which may help simplifying marketers’ decisions in formulating placement strategies.