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Development of porosity in combined phosphoric acid-carbon dioxide activation
Abstract Five activated carbons with different porosity, prepared by chemical activation of peach stones with phosphoric acid, have been further activated in a carbon dioxide gas flow at 825 °C forExpand
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-phenylpyran-4-ones: a new class of orally active cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors.
A series of 2-phenylpyran-4-ones were prepared and evaluated for their ability to inhibit cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). Extensive structure-activity relationship work was carried out within this series,Expand
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Novel triazolopyridylbenzamides as potent and selective p38α inhibitors.
A new class of p38α inhibitors based on a biaryl-triazolopyridine scaffold was investigated. X-ray crystallographic data of the initial lead compound cocrystallised with p38α was crucial in order toExpand
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1,7-Naphthyridine 1-oxides as novel potent and selective inhibitors of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase.
The design, synthesis, and ability to inhibit p38α MAP kinase by a novel series of naphthyridine N-oxides will be described. Some of these compounds showed a significant reduction in the LPS-inducedExpand
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Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationships of aminopyridine N-oxides, a novel scaffold for the potent and selective inhibition of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase.
A novel series of aminopyridine N-oxides were designed, synthesized, and tested for their ability to inhibit p38alpha MAP kinase. Some of these compounds showed a significant reduction in theExpand
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Indolin-2-one p38α inhibitors I: design, profiling and crystallographic binding mode.
The use of structure-based design and molecular modeling led to the discovery of indolin-2-one derivatives as potent and selective p38α inhibitors. The predicted binding mode was confirmed by X-rayExpand
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Indolin-2-one p38α inhibitors II: Lead optimisation.
Optimisation of a series of indolin-2-one p38α inhibitors was achieved via both blocking of a potential metabolic 'hot spot' and by increasing overall polarity of the lead series leading toExpand
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Racemic and chiral sulfoxides as potential prodrugs of the COX-2 inhibitors Vioxx and Arcoxia.
The preparation of the sulfoxide analogues 2 and 4, and their enantiomeric pure forms is discussed as well as their potential to act as prodrugs to the potent and selective sulfone-containing COX-2Expand
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Indolin-2-one p38α inhibitors III: bioisosteric amide replacement.
Crystallographic structural information was used in the design and synthesis of a number of bioisosteric derivatives to replace the amide moiety in a lead series of p38α inhibitors which showedExpand
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