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A Hercynian suture zone in Sardinia: geological and geochemical evidence
AbstractThe Hereynian basement of Northern Sardinia consists of two main teetonometamorphic complexes : the Southern Paleozoic Low to Medium Grade Metamorphic Complex (LMGMC) and the NorthernExpand
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An enriched mantle source for Italy’s melilitite-carbonatite association as inferred by its Nd-Sr isotope signature
Abstract New Sr-Nd isotope data were obtained from Late Pleistocene carbonatite-kamafugite associations from the Umbria-Latium Ultra-Alkaline District of Italy (ULUD) with the aim of constrainingExpand
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Is there a mantle plume below Italy
Some of the most diverse igneous rocks found on Earth occur along the length of Italy and in many of the islands in the southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea, all the result of Cenozoic magmatism. MagmasExpand
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Petrology and Geochemistry of Submarine Volcanism in the Sicily Channel Rift
Submarine magmatism in the Sicily Channel Rift began in the early Pliocene and lasted until almost 200 yr ago. We present here petrological and geochemical data on volcanic rocks dredged from GrahamExpand
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Late Quaternary sea-level changes along the Tyrrhenian coast near Orbetello (Tuscany, central Italy): palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using ostracods
Abstract A multidisciplinary study has been carried out on a 51 m long core, drilled on coastal lowlands near the Albegna River (Tuscany, Central Italy). Both sedimentological and faunal analysesExpand
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Geochemical characteristics of Cretaceous carbonatites from Angola
Abstract The Early Cretaceous (138–130 Ma) carbonatites and associated alkaline rocks of Angola belong to the Parana-Angola-Etendeka Province and occur as ring complexes and other central-typeExpand
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Calcite in fractures in a volcanic environment (Vulcano Island, Italy): contribution of geochronological and isotopic studies to volcanotectonics
Abstract The southern and southeastern rim of the present caldera (La Fossa caldera) at Vulcano Island (Aeolian Islands, Italy) is crosscut by a network of fractures filled with calcite and minorExpand
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Is Cyprideis agrigentina Decima a good paleosalinometer for the Messinian Salinity Crisis? Morphometrical and geochemical analyses from the Eraclea Minoa section (Sicily)
Abstract The living euryhaline species Cyprideis torosa (Jones) undergoes morphometric variations in size, noding and sieve-pore shape linked to the environmental salinity. In particular it is knownExpand
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Trace-element and Sr-Nd isotopic evidence for the origin of the Sardinian fluorite mineralization (Italy)
Abstract The fluorite-bearing hydrothermal mineralization in Sardinia mainly occurs within Paleozoic volcanic and metasedimentary rocks. Only 3 occurrences are located in volcanic and siliciclasticExpand
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