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The Rise of the Corporate Economy.
1. Business: history and economics 2. The industrial inheritance the growth of firms to 1914 3. The rationalization movement 4. Government: trustbuster or promoter 5. Capitalist ownership and theExpand
Economic Impacts of Connecticut’s Agricultural Industry
In 2007 this analysis reveals that the total impact of Connecticut’s agricultural industry on the state economy ($212 billion Gross State Product) was up to $3.5 billion, measuring the value ofExpand
Meeting the Challenge: The Dynamics of Poverty in Connecticut
This Connecticut Poverty Report describes the change in the number and proportion of Connecticut residents living in poverty, and the increase in both number and percent between 1990 and 2010, basedExpand
Academic research productivity, department size and organization: Further results, comment
Abstract This article shows that graduate faculty ratings reflect total departmental publication performance rather than average research productivity. Hence, such ratings are a poor proxy for theExpand
Stochastic approach to the grammatical coding of english
The present paper reports on one such computational system, WISSYN, in which decisions about how to code certain words are based on conditional probabilities of various form classes occurring in given syntactic environments. Expand
Entrepreneurship in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union
This multidisciplinary study of entrepreneurship in Russian society from the sixteenth to the twentieth century demonstrates the crucial influence of central government on economic initiative.Expand
[Contrast medium resorption in ERCP].
A slight, but for statistically not significant advantage for the contrast medium lopamidol could be ascertained with reference to the absorption rates of two contrast media measured in double-blind design. Expand
American Enterprise in Foreign Markets: Studies of Singer and International Harvester in Imperial Russia
In 1914 the two largest firms in Russia were subsidiaries of American companies. Remarkably, they were almost as large as their parent companies, striking testimony to the potential of theExpand