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Production of Ethanol by an Integrated Valorization of Olive Oil Byproducts. The Role of Phenolic Inhibition (2 pp)
AbstractBackground, Aim and Scope Agricultural industrial wastes can frequently be used as raw materials in the production of bio-fuels. Olive-oil milling wastewater is considered as one of the mostExpand
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Immobilization of Lipase on microporous and mesoporous materials: studies of the support surfaces
Abstract In this paper the performance of different supports respect to the lipase immobilization was investigated. The used enzyme was the lipase from Rhizomucor miehei (RML - commercial name:Expand
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Neutron irradiation effects on the ITER-EDA and ITER-RC first wall/blanket materials
Safety relevant effects of neutron irradiation (material activation, decay heat, radiation damage, heat deposition and gas production) on the in-vessel components materials of the ITER-EDA and theExpand
ITER divertor tungsten dusts activation characteristics: impact of the neutron spectra and activation libraries
The paper presents an assessment aimed to point out the impact of the neutron spectra and the activation libraries on the relevant tungsten activation characteristics (the specific activity and theExpand
The E-Commerce Sector Inquiry: Can It Stop National Competition Authorities from Adopting an Overly Restrictive Approach?
On 6 May 2015, the European Commission (the ‘Commission’) launched a competition inquiry into the European Union’s (‘EU’) e-commerce sector (the ‘Sector Inquiry’). According to Margrethe Vestager,Expand
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European Commission ’ s Preliminary Report in the E-Commerce Sector Inquiry : Highlighting Risk Areas for Suppliers of Branded Goods
In September, the European Commission published its much-awaited Preliminary Report in the e-Commerce Sector Inquiry, launched last May 2015. Although the primary focus of the Commission’s Inquiry isExpand
The EU Commission fines four electronics manufacturers for fixing minimum resale prices for online retailers (Asus / Denon & Marantz / Philips / Pioneer)
On 24 July 2018, in four separate decisions, the European Commission (“Commission”) levied fines totalling EUR 111 million on four well-known manufacturers of consumer electronic products for…