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A new canker disease of apple, pear, and plum rootstocks caused by Diaporthe ambigua in South Africa.
Smit. W. A.t Viljoen. C. D., Wingfield. B. D.. Wingfield. M. 1., and Calitz. F. J. 1996. A new canker disease of apple. pear, and plum rootstocks caused by Diaporrhe ambigua in South Africa. PlantExpand
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Pathogenicity of three Fusarium species associated with asparagus decline in South Africa
Isolations were made from crown, root, and stem lesions of symptomatic U.C. 157 F2 asparagus plants and from soil debris sampled in a declining asparagus field. Fusarium oxysporum, F. proliferatum,Expand
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Occurrence of Botrytis cinerea and Subsequent Disease Expression at Different Positions on Leaves and Bunches of Grape.
The occurrence of Botrytis cinerea and subsequent disease expression at different positions on leaves and bunches of grape was determined from 1996 to 2000. Different techniques were used to detectExpand
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Temporal spore dispersal patterns of grapevine trunk pathogens in South Africa
Trunk disease pathogens of grapevines, viz. Phaeomoniella chlamydospora, Eutypa lata and several species in Botryosphaeriaceae, Phaeoacremonium and Phomopsis are known to infect fresh pruning woundsExpand
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The use of sensory attributes, sugar content, instrumental data and consumer acceptability in selection of sweet potato varieties.
BACKGROUND As eating quality is important for adoption of new varieties, nine orange-fleshed and three cream-fleshed sweet potato varieties were assessed for sensory characteristics, dry mass andExpand
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Consumer expectations, perceptions and purchasing of South African game meat : research article
The expectations, perceptions and purchasing behaviour of consumers of game meat were researched by a survey method using a structured, self-administered questionnaire. The sample consisted of 300Expand
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Influence of reproduction traits and pre-weaning growth rate on herd efficiency of different beef breed types in an arid sub-tropical environment
The efficiency of Simmentaler cross (SX), Bonsmara cross (BX), Afrikaner (AF) and Nguni (NG) cowherds to produce weaner calves under natural sweetveld conditions was investigated. The respectiveExpand
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Effect of crop rotation on crown rot and the incidence of Fusarium pseudograminearum in wheat in the Western Cape, South Africa
The effect of different crop rotation treatments and within-treatment crop sequences on crown rot and the incidence of Fusarium pseudograminearum in crowns of wheat from a long-term crop rotationExpand
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Performance of informal market sweet potato cultivars in on-farm trials in South Africa
Abstract Several new sweet potato cultivars have been released in South Africa from 2004 until 2011 with varietal traits suitable for the informal market. This paper reports on results of on-farmExpand
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Slow Dieback of Grapevine in South Africa: Stress-Related Predisposition of Young Vines for Infection by Phaeoacremonium chlamydosporum
Phaeoacremonium chlamydosporum causes slow dieback of nursery vines and young vines in vineyards. In a greenhouse trial it was observed that significantly more inoculated Chenin blanc vines graftedExpand
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