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Biochemical components of three marine macroalgae (Padina pavonica, Ulva lactuca and Taonia atomaria) from the levantine sea coast of antalya, Turkey
Green macroalgae Ulva lactuca, brown macroalgae Taonia atomaria and Padina pavonica are spread in the Turkish Levantine Sea. There is limited information about antioxidant activities and fatty acidExpand
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Investigation of the irisin, preptin and adropin levels in the blood serum of Alburnus tarichi.
Irisin, preptin and adropin are three newly discovered peptides that play critical roles in regulating energy homeostasis in various vertebrates.The purposes of this study were to measure the serumExpand
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Evaluation of total antioxidant status, total oxidant status and oxidative stress index in some economically important plants from Turkey
This study aims to develop antioxidant properties of thirty four economically important plants of Asteraceae and Lamiaceae families, from Turkey. Analyses were done with reliable measurement researchExpand
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The Correlation between the Differences in NUCB2/Nesfatin(NES) Peptide Levels and Body Weight, Lenght and Gender in Alburnus tarichi
Nucleobindin-2 (NUCB2) is a 396-amino-acid peptide related to food intake and body weight. It suppresses appetite by acting on the hypothalamus, and its derived peptide, nesfatin-1, was shown toExpand
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In this study was carried out winter season in 2011; zooplankton fauna of the Bingol Floating Islands. To-tally 18 zooplankton species were determined as fol-lows; 14 Rotifera, 3 Cladocera and 1Expand
Biochemical Content (fatty acids, sterols, total protein, lipophilic vitamins) and Antioxidant activity (GSH, MDA) of Cladocerans (Daphnia sp., Diaphasoma branchyrum)
This paper presents biochemical content such as fatty acids, sterols, total protein, lipophilic vitamins, and antioxidant parameters of mixed cladoceran samples (Daphnia sp., Diaphanosoma brachyurum)Expand
Biochemical Content (Fatty Acids, Sterols, Lipophilic Vitamins, Total Protein, MDA, GSH, GSSG) of Noctiluca scintillans in the Southeastern Black Sea
14 Noctiluca scintillans reached the highest abundance (5105 ind/m) in April; and April was an important period in the 15 Black Sea ecosystem because of the seasonal thermocline. While theExpand
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Potential of Laurencia obtusa as a substrate for the development of a probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Laurencia obtusa (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) has tremendous nutritional value, being high in proteins, oligosaccharides, vitamins, essential minerals, and fatty acids, and it is a rich source of aminoExpand
Can the early stage copepad (Copepodites and Naupliies) abundance play important role on the fatty acid composition of Sagitta setosa (Chaetognatha) in the Southeastern Black Sea
In this study, the relationship between the fatty acid composition, abundance of carnivore Sagitta setosa ( S. setosa ) and total copepod abundance (copepodites and nauplii) which are the main dietsExpand