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Identifying and preventing pain in animals
Animals are routinely subjected to painful procedures, such as tail docking for puppies, castration for piglets, dehorning for dairy calves, and surgery for laboratory rats. Disease and injury, suchExpand
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Effect of hoof pathologies on subjective assessments of dairy cow gait.
To explore how hoof pathologies affect dairy cattle gait, we studied cows with sole hemorrhages (n = 14), sole ulcers (n = 7), and those with no visible injuries (n = 17). Overall gait assessments,Expand
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Hoof pathologies influence kinematic measures of dairy cow gait.
To explore how hoof pathologies affect the gait of dairy cattle, we studied gait profiles of cows with no visible injuries (n = 17), sole lesions (n = 14), and sole ulcers (n = 7). Video recordingsExpand
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Gait assessment in dairy cattle.
Lameness is one of the most important dairy cow welfare issues and has inspired a growing body of literature on gait assessment. Validation studies have shown that several methods of gait assessmentExpand
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Effects of early separation on the dairy cow and calf: 2. Separation at 1 day and 2 weeks after birth.
This study investigated the effects of separating dairy calves from their mothers at 1 day (early separation) and 14 days (late separation) after birth. Behavioural observations were conducted on 24Expand
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Softer, higher-friction flooring improves gait of cows with and without sole ulcers.
We studied dairy cows (n = 30) walking on concrete and on a soft, high-friction composite rubber surface to examine how flooring influenced gait and how this differed for cows with hoof lesions. CowsExpand
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Effects of milking on dairy cow gait.
We studied cows with (n = 6) and without (n = 26) sole ulcers before and after milking to explore how milking influences dairy cattle gait and how this differs for cows with hoof injuries. VideoExpand
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Effect of rubber flooring in front of the feed bunk on the time budgets of dairy cattle.
The objective of this experiment was to study the effect of rubber flooring in front of the feed bunk on the immediate behavioral response of dairy cattle. Four groups of 12 dairy cattle wereExpand
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Analgesics improve the gait of lame dairy cattle.
Pain associated with injuries of the hoof and surrounding tissues is an important cause of lameness. The objective was to detect the attributes of impaired gait that are associated with pain. In 3Expand
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Lameness in dairy cattle - new research on gait and housing.
This paper reviews recent research on lameness in dairy cows, with special focus on our work at the University of British Columbia addressing the scientific assessment of impaired gait, and how suchExpand
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