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Entanglement of excited states in critical spin chains
R?nyi and von Neumann entropies quantifying the amount of entanglement in ground states of critical spin chains are known to satisfy a universal law which is given by the conformal field theory (CFT)
Entanglement of low-energy excitations in conformal field theory.
It is shown that the nth Rényi entropy is related to a 2n-point correlator of primary fields in CFT and this result uncovers a new link between quantum information theory and CFT.
Equipartition of the entanglement entropy
The entanglement in a quantum system that possess an internal symmetry, characterized by the Sz-magnetization or U(1)-charge, is distributed among different sectors. The aim of this letter is to gain
Surface exponents of the quantum XXZ, Ashkin-Teller and Potts models
Eigenspectra of the critical quantum Ashkin-Teller and Potts chains with free boundaries can be obtained from that of the XXZ chain with free boundaries and a complex surface field. By deriving and
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Interpolation between Hubbard and supersymmetric t-J models: two-parameter integrable models of correlated electrons
Two new one-dimensional fermionic models depending on two independent parameters are formulated and solved exactly by the Bethe ansatz method. These models connect continuously the integrable Hubbard
The HeisenbergXXZ Hamiltonian with Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions
The quantum Heisenberg chain with Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions is solved by relating it to theXXZ Hamiltonian with a certain type of boundary conditions. Several properties of the ground state
Finite-size corrections of the Entanglement Entropy of critical quantum chains
Using the density matrix renormalization group, we calculated the finite-size corrections of the entanglement $\alpha$-Renyi entropy of a single interval for several critical quantum chains. We
Exact solution of the asymmetric exclusion model with particles of arbitrary size.
The results show that for an arbitrary distribution of molecules, the dynamical critical behavior is on the Kardar-Parizi-Zhang universality.
Universal behavior of the Shannon mutual information of critical quantum chains.
The Shannon mutual information of subsystems of critical quantum chains in their ground states is considered and it is indicated that for relatively small lattice sizes, its finite-size behavior already detects the universality class of quantum critical behavior.