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A taxonomic revision of South American species of the genus Stenostomum O. Schmidt (Platyhelminthes: Catenulida) based on morphological characters
The genus Stenostomum is revised based on a rich collection of species from Argentina and on a review of bibliographical resources of all known South American species and several species are transferred to it based on the absence of light-refracting bodies and the presence of a metameric anterior brain lobe. Expand
First report of Temnocephala brevicornis Monticelli 1889 (Temnocephalidae: platyhelminthes) in Argentina.
Temnocephala brevicornis Monticelli 1889, ectosymbiont of Hydromedusa tectifera Cope 1869, is reported for the first time for Argentina. Numerous temnocephalans from Arroyo Villoldo in the localityExpand
Checklist of freshwater symbiotic temnocephalans (Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora, Temnocephalida) from the Neotropics
A checklist of symbiotic temnocephalan fauna from 57 taxa of freshwater invertebrate and vertebrate hosts from 16 families included in four classes from the Neotropics is generated. Expand
A new Paravortex (Platyhelminthes, Dalyellioida) endoparasite of Mesodesma mactroides (Bivalvia, Mesodesmatidae) from Uruguay
A new Paravortex species that was found in the intestine of Mesodesma mactroides from the Atlantic coast of Uruguay is described and a bibliographical revision of the known Parav Vortex species with their respective hosts, location, and distribution is made. Expand
First records of Pseudocerotidae (Platyhelminthes: Polycladida: Cotylea) from Patagonia, Argentina
Two species belonging to the polyclad family Pseudocerotidae from the littoral zone of the Peninsula Valdes (Patagonia, Argentina) are recorded, the first record of members of Cotylea and the third of Polycladida from Argentina. Expand
Composition of meiobenthonic Platyhelminthes from brackish environments of the Galician and Cantabrian coasts of Spain with the description of a new species of Djeziraia (Polycystididae,
The present study contributes to knowledge on the ability of adaptation of free‐living Platyhelminthes to regimes of brackish water ecotones by analysis of the turbellarian species assemblages and the relation of species distributions to salinity, conductivity, oxygen, temperature, and sediment characteristics. Expand
Land flatworms of the genus Pasipha (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae) in Argentina, with description of three new species.
Three new species of the genus Pasipha are reported in the Interior Atlantic Forest ecoregion in Argentina, with the description of three new species that exhibit similarities in internal anatomy, but can be distinguished from each other mainly by the secretion types discharged into the prostatic vesicle. Expand
Two new species of Syndesmis (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela, Umagillidae) from the sea urchin Pseudechinus magellanicus (Echinodermata, Echinoidea) in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean
Two new species of Syndesmis living in Pseudechinus magellanicus in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean are described, which have a long stylet in the male reproductive system, which is different from that of the known species of the genus. Expand
Morphology and DNA barcodes reveal the presence of the non-native land planarian Obama marmorata (Platyhelminthes : Geoplanidae) in Europe
The utility of DNA barcoding to discover allochthonous species in this group of organisms is indicated and the occurrence of Obama marmorata in the Iberian Peninsula as an introduced species from the Neotropical Region is reported. Expand
Choeradoplana crassiphalla sp. nov. (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Geoplanidae): a new species of land planarian from the Atlantic Forest of Argentina
A new species of land planarian from northeastern Argentina, Choeradoplana crassiphalla sp. nov., is described. This is the first report of Choeradoplana in the Atlantic Forest of Argentina and theExpand