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Fire, rain and the selection of seeder and resprouter life-histories in fire-recruiting, woody plants.
Several Cape species of the genus Erica are known to present seeder and resprouter phenotypes, and this variation seems to have a genetic basis. Therefore, this genus provides ideal model systems forExpand
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Assessing the toxicity of ammonium pulses to the survival and growth of Zostera noltii
The present study assessed the effect of seawater ammonium enrichment on survival and growth of the seagrass Zostera noltii Hornem. Ammonium enrichment had an inhibitory effect on shoot, rhizome andExpand
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Increased vulnerability of Zostera noltii to stress caused by low light and elevated ammonium levels under phosphate deficiency
The effects of light and ammonium levels on net production, fluorescence parameters and non-structural carbohydrates of the seagrass Zostera noltii under different phosphate conditions were studied.Expand
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Acclimation Responses of Gracilaria sp. (Rhodophyta) and Enteromorpha intestinalis (Chlorophyta) to Changes in the External Inorganic Carbon Concentration
Abstract The acclimation responses of two intertidal macroalgae, Gracilaria sp. and Enteromorpha intestinalis, to different dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) levels were investigated under laboratoryExpand
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Morphometric variations as acclimation mechanisms in Zostera noltii beds
The use of morphometric variations as acclimation mechanisms was tested in natural populations of the intertidal seagrass Zostera noltii in Ria Formosa (Algarve, southern Portugal). To achieve theExpand
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Direct effects of current velocity on the growth, morphometry and architecture of seagrasses: a case study on Zostera noltii
Hydrodynamics affect and are affected by the presence of seagrasses. Previous studies have suggested that such effects could modify the capacity of these marine plants to cope with adverseExpand
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Patch Distribution and Within-Patch Dynamics of the Seagrass Zostera noltii Hornem. in Los Toruños Salt-Marsh, Cádiz Bay, Natural Park, Spain
Abstract Patch distribution and small-scale (i.e., within-patch) temporal variability in plant morphology, biomass, shoot density, tissue nutrient content and growth were studied in the intertidalExpand
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Interaction between hydrodynamics and seagrass canopy structure: Spatially explicit effects on ammonium uptake rates
The hypotheses that (1) different seagrass morphologies may facilitate different nutrient uptake rates under similar hydrodynamic forcing and (2) this effect on nutrient uptake rates is spatiallyExpand
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Resilience of zostera noltii to burial or erosion disturbances
Dynamic environments like seagrass habitats are characterised by continuous local erosion and burial processes, which may induce seagrass decline if disturbances become too intense or frequent. WeExpand
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The role of hydrodynamics in structuring in situ ammonium uptake within a submerged macrophyte community
In low-nutrient, macrophyte-dominated coastal zones, benthic ammonium (NH4+) uptake may be influenced by the structural properties of plant canopies via their effect on near-bed hydrodynamics. UsingExpand
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