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The evolution of Darwin's theism
The photographs taken of Charles Darwin late in life (indeed, from his fifties on) make him seem a kind of sage, venerable and enigmatic. It is an impression no doubt created partly by his imposingExpand
The Beauty of Hell: Anselm on God's Eternal Design
  • F. Brown
  • Philosophy
  • The Journal of Religion
  • 1 July 1993
In our day no theologian or historian can approach the topic of hell without first acknowledging that in recent centuries this territory has become increasingly unfamiliar. "The maps of hell have byExpand
Religious Music and Secular Music: A Calvinist Perspective, Re-formed:
Although Calvin's theology of music runs counter to the tenor of our times, it can be reformed so as to alert us to both assets and risks of music in Christian worship and life. In particular, Calv...
The evolution of Darwin's religious views
Editing Encyclopedias and Handbooks in Religious Studies in the Twenty-First Century: Aims and Challenges
In the twenty-first century, the editing of encyclopedias and handbooks in religious studies grows ever more daunting, not least because of the sheer amount of knowledge now available and because ofExpand
Lenten Practice in a Musical Mode
The music most pertinent to Lent often engages and stretches us in ways that, while intimately connected with faith, can nonetheless be difficult to put into words or to accommodate within SundayExpand
Transfiguration: Poetic Metaphor and Theological Reflection
  • F. Brown
  • Philosophy
  • The Journal of Religion
  • 1 January 1982
The claim that theology has an intrinsic connection with poetry and poetics is one which has been advanced for so long and in so many ways that, by now, it can scarcely be considered surprising orExpand
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