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Complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1, an opportunistic pathogen
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a ubiquitous environmental bacterium that is one of the top three causes of opportunistic human infections. A major factor in its prominence as a pathogen is its intrinsicExpand
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PSORTb 3.0: improved protein subcellular localization prediction with refined localization subcategories and predictive capabilities for all prokaryotes
We developed PSORTb version 3.0 with improved recall, higher proteome-scale prediction coverage, and new refined localization subcategories. Expand
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CARD 2017: expansion and model-centric curation of the comprehensive antibiotic resistance database
The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD; http://arpcard.mcmaster.ca) is a manually curated resource containing high quality reference data on the molecular basis of antimicrobial resistance, with an emphasis on the genes, proteins and mutations involved in AMR. Expand
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PSORTb v.2.0: Expanded prediction of bacterial protein subcellular localization and insights gained from comparative proteome analysis
An expanded database of proteins of known localization and new modules using frequent subsequence-based support vector machines was introduced into PSORTb v.1. Expand
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Pseudomonas Genome Database: improved comparative analysis and population genomics capability for Pseudomonas genomes
Pseudomonas is a metabolically-diverse genus of bacteria known for its flexibility and leading free living to pathogenic lifestyles in a wide range of hosts. Expand
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The complete genome of Rhodococcus sp. RHA1 provides insights into a catabolic powerhouse
Rhodococcus sp. RHA1 (RHA1) is a potent polychlorinated biphenyl-degrading soil actinomycete that catabolizes a wide range of compounds and represents a genus of considerable industrial interest.Expand
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InnateDB: systems biology of innate immunity and beyond—recent updates and continuing curation
InnateDB (http://www.innatedb.com) is an integrated analysis platform that has been specifically designed to facilitate systems-level analyses of mammalian innate immunity networks, pathways and genes. Expand
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Enhanced annotations and features for comparing thousands of Pseudomonas genomes in the Pseudomonas genome database
We present a collection of major improvements to the Pseudomonas Genome Database that facilitate improved comparison of thousands of complete and draft genomes, and more diverse, flexible visualizations of data. Expand
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Newly introduced genomic prophage islands are critical determinants of in vivo competitiveness in the Liverpool Epidemic Strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates have a highly conserved core genome representing up to 90% of the total genomic sequence with additional variable accessory genes, many of which are found in genomicExpand
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PSORT-B: improving protein subcellular localization prediction for Gram-negative bacteria
Automated prediction of bacterial protein subcellular localization is an important tool for genome annotation and drug discovery. Expand
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