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Revision of the African genus Anthonotha (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae)
Background and aims - The African genus Anthonotha (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae) is poorly known. The species are revised. Methods - Normal practices of herbarium taxonomy have been applied toExpand
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Multi-locus phylogenies of the genus Barteria (Passifloraceae) portray complex patterns in the evolution of myrmecophytism.
The four species of the central African genus Barteria show variation in habitat and in degree of association with ants. Whereas B. solida, restricted to submontane forests, attracts opportunisticExpand
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A synopsis of Casearia Jacq. (Samydeae – Salicaceae) in West and Central Africa with a description of a new species from Eastern Congo (Kinshasa)
SummarySleumer’s (1971) revision of Casearia (formerly Flacourtiaceae, now Salicaceae) is reviewed to correct the specific delimitation, nomenclature and geography of some of the West and CentralExpand
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Generic delimitations in African groups which also have wide distributions outside Africa
At least at the generic level, the African continent is not isolated, i.e. many genera are not restricted to that continent. Which genera are endemic and which are not can be established only afterExpand
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Novitates Gabonenses 72. Haplocoelum gabonicum (Sapindaceae), a new species from Gabon and adjacent Congo
SummaryThe new species Haplocoelum gabonicum Breteler (Sapindaceae) from Gabon and adjacent Congo is described and illustrated. Morphologically it is most similar to H. acuminatum Radlk. ex Engl. andExpand
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Acacia : the case against moving the type to Australia
Recent studies have shown that Acacia is polyphyletic and must be split into five genera. Proposal 1584 would retypify Acacia : the type of the Australian taxon A. penninervis would be conserved overExpand
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Uapaca (Phyllanthaceae) in the Guineo-Congolian forest region: a synoptic revision
The treatment of Uapaca (Phyllanthaceae) for the Flore du Gabon revealed many, hitherto unknown, synonymies and some overlooked names that deserve a separate publication. Advantage is taken of thisExpand
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Phytogeographical analysis and checklist of the vascular plants of Loango National Park, Gabon
Background and aims – Floristic inventories are the primary means by which the plant diversity of an area can be understood and are important in underpinning management plans for conservation. One ofExpand
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America's pacific species of Rhizophora
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