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A subset of precise UML for model-based testing
This paper presents an original model-based testing approach that takes a UML behavioural view of the system under test and automatically generates test cases and executable test scripts according toExpand
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CLPS–B – A constraint solver to animate a B specification
This paper proposes an approach to evaluating B formal specifications using constraint logic programming with sets (CLPS). This approach is used to animate and generate test sequences from B formalExpand
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Symbolic Animation of JML Specifications
This paper presents a model-based framework for the symbolic animation of object-oriented specifications. A customized set-theoretic solver is used to simulate the execution of the system and handleExpand
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Requirements traceability in automated test generation: application to smart card software validation
Automated test case and test driver generation from a formal model is becoming a more widely used practice in the smart card area. This innovative approach for validation testing makes it possible toExpand
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Transformation of SysML Structure Diagrams to VHDL-AMS
In this paper, we propose an approach to translate the Sys ML language to VHDL-AMS code. This approach is the first step to the generation of the VHDL-AMS code from the structural diagrams Sys ML. InExpand
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SysML to UML model transformation for test generation purpose
The work introduced in this paper is in line with an original Model-Based Testing approach by taking as input a SysML specification of a system under test and automatically translating it into anExpand
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Recent Advances in Model-Based Testing
This chapter gives an overview of the field of model-based testing (MBT), particularly the recent advances in the last decade. It gives a summary of the MBT process, the modeling languages that areExpand
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Gestion de la dynamicité et énumération d'impliquants premiers : une approche fondée sur les Diagrammes de Décision Binaire
Cette these aborde, d'un point de vue algorithmique, le probleme lie aux calculs et a la representation des modeles d'une formule de la logique propositionnelle. Notre approche est fondee sur lesExpand
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A test generation solution to automate software testing
This paper describes the LEIRIOS Smart Testing™ approach to the functional validation of a subpart of the StarUML case study. This model-based testing process for test automation is shown from startExpand
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