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Quantum Chaos and Thermalization in Isolated Systems of Interacting Particles
This review is devoted to the problem of thermalization in a small isolated conglomerate of interacting constituents. A variety of physically important systems of intensive current interest belong toExpand
Shielding and localization in the presence of long-range hopping
We investigate a paradigmatic model for quantum transport with both nearest-neighbor and infinite range hopping coupling (independent of the position). Due to long range homogeneous hopping, a gapExpand
Particle propagation in a random and quasi-periodic potential
Abstract We numerically investigate the Anderson transition in an effective dimension d (3 ≤ d ≤ 11) for one particle propagation in a model random and quasi-periodic potential. The found criticalExpand
Chaos and statistical relaxation in quantum systems of interacting particles.
Although the fluctuations of the energy levels in integrable and nonintegrable systems are different, the global properties of the eigenstates are quite similar, provided the interaction between particles exceeds some critical value, and it is shown that the statistical relaxation of the systems is comparable, irrespective of whether or not they areIntegrable. Expand
Opening-assisted coherent transport in the semiclassical regime.
Analytic results are obtained in two simple paradigmatic tight-binding models of large systems: the linear chain and the fully connected network, which may be viewed as intermediate between these paradigmatic models. Expand
Broken Ergodicity in Classically Chaotic Spin Systems
A one dimensional classically chaotic spin chain with asymmetric coupling and two different inter-spin interactions, nearest neighbors and all-to-all, has been considered. Depending on theExpand
Optimal dephasing for ballistic energy transfer in disordered linear chains.
It is shown that dephasing can enhance energy transfer even in the ballistic regime, where the optimal dephase decreases as 1/N or 1/sqrt[N], respectively, for weak and moderate static disorder. Expand
Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy And a Single-spin Measurement
Spin Dynamics -- Quasiclassical Description Spin Dynamics -- Quantum Description Mechanical Vibrations of the Cantilever Single-Spin Detection in Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) Transient Process inExpand
Irregular dynamics in a one-dimensional Bose system.
It is shown that the transition from regular (quasiperiodic) to irregular ("chaotic") dynamics coincides with the onset of the Tonks-Girardeau regime, and the momentum distribution of the system reveals a statistical relaxation to a steady state distribution. Expand
Emergent ultrafast phenomena in correlated oxides and heterostructures
The possibility of investigating the dynamics of solids on timescales faster than the thermalization of the internal degrees of freedom has disclosed novel nonequilibrium phenomena that have noExpand