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Fluctuations of HIV load in semen of HIV positive patients with newly acquired sexually transmitted diseases
The HIV load in the semen and blood of HIV infected patients presenting with acute sexually transmitted diseases was measured to determine if viral load was high enough to ensure transmission.
Increasing detection of asymptomatic syphilis in HIV patients
Routine screening for syphilis serology during routine follow up care has detected increasing numbers of HIV outpatients with early asymptomatic syphilis and is recommended to assist with regional control of the UK syphilis epidemic.
Platelet Function in Patients Admitted with a Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction
Platelet function and thromboxane A2 release were measured in 71 patients admitted to a coronary care unit with a provisional diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction and it is concluded that platelets obtained from patients with AMI are hyperaggregable and release more TXA2.
Ten-year trends in CD4 cell counts at HIV and AIDS diagnosis in a London HIV clinic
Temporal changes in the CD4 cell count at HIV and AIDS diagnosis among different demographic groups can provide insights into the changing natural history of the HIV epidemic and access to medical care.
A women-only clinic for HIV, genitourinary medicine and substance misuse.
The WOC has become an established and popular service at St Stephen's and attendance record for HIV positive women has improved significantly, and the multidisciplinary nature of the clinic encourages a wider use of medical and paramedical services.
HIV-positive women and cervical screening
  • B. Vonau, F. Boag
  • Medicine
    International journal of STD & AIDS
  • 1 December 2000
The available evidence to date is summarized to provide a basis on which an effective and acceptable screening programme for HIV-positive women can be developed.
Diminished creatinine clearance in anorexia nervosa: reversal with weight gain.
Increase in body weight appears to be cardinal to the recovery of renal function in these patients, and anorexia nervosa is associated with a reversible decrease in creatinine clearance.
Fluconazole resistant candida in AIDS.