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World Mangrove Atlas
The World Mangrove Atlas provides an overview of the distribution of mangroves worldwide. Mapped data were gathered from a wide range of sources and were synthesized into a series of 25 regionalExpand
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Assessment from space of mangroves evolution in the Mekong Delta, in relation to extensive shrimp farming
This study is an attempt to produce an assessment of the impact of shrimp aquaculture in the Mekong Delta (Viet Nam) on mangrove ecosystems. For this exercise we selected two sub-areas (Ca Mau andExpand
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This paper summarizes present capabilities in studying mangrove vegetation from space. There is no standard image processing method that can be applied for the identification and delineation ofExpand
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A remote sensing based methodology for mangrove studies in Madagascar
Despite their environmental and economic significance the exact status and geographical extent of mangrove ecosystems are unknown in Madagascar. For the first time, the deltaic complex of MahajambaExpand
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Depletion of the mangroves of Continental Asia
The mangroves located around the Bay of Bengal and along the coast ofSouth China Sea are of special interest for many reasons. This coastlinereceives three major tropical rivers (Ganges, Irrawaddy,Expand
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Estimating the extent of floods in Bangladesh using SPOT data
Abstract Nine SPOT XS scenes recorded during the dry season (January, February) and after cyclonic storms were analyzed to evaluate both the extent and consequences of floods in Bangladesh, in theExpand
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A vegetation map of tropical continental Asia at scale 1:5 million
Abstract. A vegetation map at scale 1:5 million is presented.* It covers Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka and fills a conspicuous gap in theExpand
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Mangroves as indicators of coastal change
Abstract In view of the unique biological characteristics of mangroves, it is interesting to assess the extent to which these ecosystems can be used as indicators of coastal change or sea-level rise.Expand
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The mangroves of India.
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Using SPOT-4 HRVIR and VEGETATION sensors to assess impact of tropical forest fires in Roraima, Brazil
Due to the El Niño phenomenon, the 1997-1998 dry season in Roraima (Brazil, Amazonia) was particularly pronounced. Consequently, vegetation fires spread widely and were monitored by many satellitesExpand
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