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Sub-ppm gas sensor detection via spiral μ-preconcentrator
In the present work, a silicon-based preconcentrator is proposed and developed, which consists of a spiral-shaped micro-preconcentrator followed by a μ-hotplate sensor matrix. The shape of theExpand
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On the effects of the materials and the noble metal additives to NO2 detection
Using screen-printing techniques, sensitive layers of tungsten and tin oxide were deposited on silicon micromachined substrates. The goal sought with this study was the fabrication of highlyExpand
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Fabrication and characterisation of microporous activated carbon-based pre-concentrators for benzene vapours
Abstract During the last years, the use of gas pre-concentrators coupled to gas sensors became more important due to the difficulty of fabricating gas sensors with sensitivities in the range of tensExpand
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Improvement of the gas sensor response via silicon μ-preconcentrator
Abstract Gas preconcentration is essential for the success of many micro-analytical detector systems and allows the monitoring of the noxious air pollutants in the ppb range. In this paper we use aExpand
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Influence of the internal gas flow distribution on the efficiency of a μ-preconcentrator
Abstract Preconcentration is an important analytical technique that will be crucial to the success of many detector systems. In this paper, we present a study on the effect of the internal gas flowExpand
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Influence of the doping material on the benzene detection
In this paper we describe the fabrication of low-cost micro-hotplate benzene sensors by using screen-printing technology. Sensitive layers of tin and tungsten oxide (pure and doped with 1% in weightExpand
Preconcentrator-based sensor µ-system for low-level benzene detection
In this paper, a preconcentrator-based sensor &mgr;-system for low level benzene detection is presented. It consists of a spiral-shaped &mgr;-reconcentrator with dimensions of 10cm × 300&mgr;m ×Expand
El Escorial : historia, arte, ciencia y matemáticas
La personalidad del rey Felipe II y su estancia en El Escorial hicieron que se desarrollara en torno a el un periodo de esplendor en el campo del arte, la ciencia y las matematicas que reflejaron laExpand
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Silicon μ-preconcentrator for improved gas detection
In this study we present a μ-preconcentrator unit fabricated with silicon technology. The unit consists of a 3D-microheater surrounded by an insulating membrane. The preconcentrator is made up of aExpand
Spiral μ-preconcentrator for gas sensor detection in the ppb range
In the present work, a silicon-based gas chromatographic microsystem is proposed and developed; it consists of a spiral-shaped μ preconcentrator followed by a μ-hotplate sensor matrix. The shape ofExpand
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