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A review of single-phase grid-connected inverters for photovoltaic modules
This review focuses on inverter technologies for connecting photovoltaic (PV) modules to a single-phase grid. The inverters are categorized into four classifications: 1) the number of powerExpand
Overview of Control and Grid Synchronization for Distributed Power Generation Systems
An overview of the structures for the DPGS based on fuel cell, photovoltaic, and wind turbines is given and the possibility of compensation for low-order harmonics is discussed. Expand
Design and control of an LCL-filter based three-phase active rectifier
The aim of the paper is to propose a design procedure for an LCL-filter in a front-end three-phase active rectifier. The main goal is to ensure a reduction of the switching frequency ripple at aExpand
A New Single-Phase PLL Structure Based on Second Order Generalized Integrator
Phase, amplitude and frequency of the utility voltage are critical information for the operation of the grid-connected inverter systems. In such applications, an accurate and fast detection of theExpand
Multiresonant Frequency-Locked Loop for Grid Synchronization of Power Converters Under Distorted Grid Conditions
This paper presents a new multiresonant frequency-adaptive synchronization method for grid-connected power converters that allows estimating not only the positive- and negative-sequence components ofExpand
Control of Power Converters in AC Microgrids
The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolatedExpand
A Review of the State of the Art of Power Electronics for Wind Turbines
The possible methods of using the power electronic technology for improving wind turbine performance in power systems to meet the main grid connection requirements are discussed. Expand
New positive-sequence voltage detector for grid synchronization of power converters under faulty grid conditions
This paper deals with a fundamental aspect in the control of grid-connected power converters, i.e., the detection of the positive-sequence component at fundamental frequency of the utility voltageExpand
Power electronics as efficient interface in dispersed power generation systems
The global electrical energy consumption is rising and there is a steady increase of the demand on the power capacity, efficient production, distribution and utilization of energy. The traditionalExpand
A Stationary Reference Frame Grid Synchronization System for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Power Converters Under Adverse Grid Conditions
Grid synchronization algorithms are of great importance in the control of grid-connected power converters, as fast and accurate detection of the grid voltage parameters is crucial in order toExpand