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A new role for antennation in paper wasps (Hymenoptera,Vespidae): antennal courtship and sex dimorphic glands in antennomeres
Summary.Males of Polistes dominulus perform antennal vibrations and grasping of female antennae during pre-copulatory and copulatory phases. Male antennation plays a relevant role in mating success.Expand
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Extreme 18 O depletion in eclogite from the Su-Lu terrane in East China
The unusually low Ö180 values of -10.3 to -6.8%0 are found in mineral separates from an ec10gite pod (containing quartz-schist bands) in the Su-Lu terrane, East China. These are the lightest oxygenExpand
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Artifacts and Pheromone Blends from Nezara spp. and Other Stink Bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
Isomeric compounds reportedly released by mature males of Nezara viridula as attractants for conspecific females are evidently artifacts formed by dimerization of (E)-4-oxo-2-hexenal. AdditionalExpand
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Carbon isotopes in eclogite and apatite separate from Huangzhen and Shima in SE Dabie
The carbon isotope compositions of high- and ultrahigh-pressure eclogite and apatite separate from Huangzhen and Shima in SE Dabie Mountains were analyzed by EA-MS online technique. The δ 13 C valuesExpand
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Design of Equipment Operation Training Simulation System Based on HLA
According to the system style of TENA,a group of basic elements of multi-operator training simulation system was given,including Acquisition,Processing,Environment,Displaying and Control.Four kindsExpand
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Antennal glands in queen and worker of the fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren: first report in female social Aculeata (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Summary: The antennae of the higher Hymenoptera (ants, bees and wasps) have been presumed to be exclusively sensory appendages, although the antennae of a number of the Parasitica also support aExpand
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SeparatingPH fromPP by relativization
  • F. Bin
  • Mathematics
  • 1 September 1992
AbstractWe construct an oracleA such that $$\Sigma _2^{P,A} \nsubseteq PP^A $$ . So the polynomial time hierarchy is separated from the polynomial time probabilistic complexity class inExpand
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The types ofScelionidae [Hymenoptera: Proctotrupoidea] in some Italian collections (Museums of Genoa and Florence, Institute of Portici)
  • F. Bin
  • Biology
  • Entomophaga
  • 1 December 1974
A large number ofScelionidae have been described byKieffer who, unfortunately, did not keep a private collection so that the types of his species are scattered and often not recognized in manyExpand
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