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Earth system governance as a crosscutting theme of global change research
In 2001, the four global change research programmes ‘urgently’ called for ‘an ethical framework for global stewardship and strategies for Earth System management’. Yet this notion of ‘earth systemExpand
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Accountability and legitimacy in earth system governance: A research framework
Along with concerns over the effectiveness of earth system governance, ways of enhancing its accountability and legitimacy are increasingly coming to the fore in both scholarly debate and politicalExpand
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Navigating the Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance
The United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro in June is an important opportunity to improve the institutional framework for sustainable development. Science assessments indicate that humanExpand
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Bright spots : seeds of a good Anthropocene
The scale, rate, and intensity of humans’ environmental impact has engendered broad discussion about how to find plausible pathways of development that hold the most promise for fostering a betterExpand
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'Planetary boundaries’ — exploring the challenges for global environmental governance
A range of studies from Earth system scientists argue that human activities drives multiple, interacting effects that cascade through the Earth system. Recent contributions state and quantify nine,Expand
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Plausible and desirable futures in the Anthropocene: A new research agenda
While the concept of the Anthropocene reflects the past and present nature, scale and magnitude of human impacts on the Earth System, its true significance lies in how it can be used to guideExpand
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Re-conceptualizing the Anthropocene: A call for collaboration
Since it was first proposed in 2000, the concept of the Anthropocene has evolved in breadth and diversely. The concept encapsulates the new and unprecedented planetary-scale changes resulting fromExpand
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Global environmental governance and planetary boundaries: An introduction
The notion of ‘planetary boundaries’ is rapidly diffusing into a range of policy arenas and has clearly stimulated a discussion on the need to reform international environmental governance. ThisExpand
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Why equity is fundamental in climate change policy research
In an Editorial now published in “Global Environmental Change”, 18 climate policy researchers argue that analyses of equity and justice are absolutely essential for our ability to understand climateExpand
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Navigating the anthropocene: The Earth System Governance Project strategy paper
In 2001, the Earth System Science Partnership declared an urgent need to develop ‘strategies for Earth System management’. Yet what such strategies might be, how they could be developed and howExpand
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