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Recursive feature elimination with random forest for PTR-MS analysis of agroindustrial products
Abstract In this paper we apply the recently introduced Random Forest-Recursive Feature Elimination (RF-RFE) algorithm to the identification of relevant features in the spectra produced by ProtonExpand
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PTR-MS monitoring of VOCs and BVOCs in food science and technology
Abstract Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biogenic VOCs (BVOCs), in particular, are a major topic in food science and technology. They play an important role in the perception of odor and flavorExpand
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Assessment of apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) fruit texture by a combined acoustic-mechanical profiling strategy
Texture of apple fruit originates from anatomic traits related to cell wall architecture and is one of its most important quality characteristics, thus there is the desire to better understand theExpand
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Effects of supercritical CO2 and N2O pasteurisation on the quality of fresh apple juice
Abstract Supercritical pasteurisation is receiving increasing attention as an alternative technology for foodstuff pasteurisation, but often the possible effects on the perceptible quality are notExpand
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Rapid “Breath-Print” of Liver Cirrhosis by Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. A Pilot Study.
The aim of the present work was to test the potential of Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (PTR-ToF-MS) in the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis and the assessment of diseaseExpand
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Investigation of volatile compounds in two raspberry cultivars by two headspace techniques: solid-phase microextraction/gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (SPME/GC-MS) and proton-transfer
The volatile compounds emitted by two raspberry varieties ( Rubus idaeus , cv. Polka and Tulameen) were analyzed, in both the case of fresh fruits and juices, by two headspace methods that are rapid,Expand
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Sensory profiling of apple: Methodological aspects, cultivar characterisation and postharvest changes
Abstract More than other characteristics, the sensory properties of fruit and vegetables, mainly related to texture aspects, are the most important drivers of consumer preferences. In this work, theExpand
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Monitoring of volatile compound emissions during dry anaerobic digestion of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste by Proton Transfer Reaction Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) formed during anaerobic digestion of aerobically pre-treated Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW), have been monitored over a 30 day period by a directExpand
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Monitoring benzene formation from benzoate in model systems by proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry
Abstract The presence of benzene in food and in particular in soft drinks has been reported in several studies and should be considered in fundamental investigations about formation of thisExpand
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On quantitative determination of volatile organic compound concentrations using proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
Proton transfer reaction - mass spectrometry (PTR-MS) has become a reference technique in environmental science allowing for VOC monitoring with low detection limits. The recent introduction ofExpand
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