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Accelerating CNN inference on FPGAs: A Survey
The methods and tools investigated in this survey represent the recent trends in FPGA CNN inference accelerators and will fuel the future advances on effcient hardware deep learning. Expand
CAPH: a language for implementing stream-processing applications on FPGAs
We introduce CAPH, a new domain-specific language (DSL) suited to the implementation of stream-processing applications on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). CAPH relies upon the actor/dataflowExpand
Structure and kinematics triangulation with a rolling shutter stereo rig
  • Omar Ait-Aider, F. Berry
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE 12th International Conference on Computer…
  • 1 September 2009
A spatio-temporal triangulation method to be used with rolling shutter cameras where the constraining assumption of a-priori knowledge about the object geometry is removed and a full 3D motion model is considered. Expand
Hardware, Design and Implementation Issues on a Fpga-Based Smart Camera
The goal is to use the possibility to reconfigure the FPGA device in order to adapt the system architecture to a given application, and a design methodology, based on pre-programmed processing elements, is proposed and sketched. Expand
Improving Image-Based Visual Servoing with Three-Dimensional Features
Using the task-function approach, the basis is the introduction of three-dimensional information in the feature vector and the relationship between the velocity screw of the camera and the current and desired poses of the object in the camera frame is demonstrated. Expand
Embedded Active Vision System Based on an FPGA Architecture
This paper proposes an original approach based on a system on programmable chip implemented in an FPGA connected to a CMOS imager and an inertial set that admits a high degree of versatility and allows the implementation of parallel image processing algorithms. Expand
Implementing Stream-Processing Applications on FPGAs: A DSL-Based Approach
CAPH, a new domain-specific language (DSL) suited to the implementation of stream-processing applications on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) is introduced, and the implementation with a preliminary version of the compiler of a simple real-time motion detection application on a FPGA-based smart camera platform is described. Expand
Toward 3D Reconstruction of Outdoor Scenes Using an MMW Radar and a Monocular Vision Sensor
A geometric method for 3D reconstruction of the exterior environment using a panoramic microwave radar and a camera based on the complementarity of these two sensors considering the robustness to the environmental conditions and depth detection ability of the radar, and the high spatial resolution of a vision sensor. Expand
Is 3D useful in stereo visual control?
Experimental results demonstrate that using pixel coordinates is disadvantageous, compared with 3D coordinates estimated from the same pixel data. Expand
Bio-inspired heterogeneous architecture for real-time pedestrian detection applications
A novel heterogeneous architecture for reliable pedestrian detection applications that deploys an efficient Histogram of Oriented Gradient pipeline tightly coupled with a neuro-inspired spatio-temporal filter and is capable of processing video sequences from real-word dynamic environments in real time. Expand