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Newly isolated marine Bacillus pumilus (SP21): A source of novel lipoamides and other antimicrobial agents
A screening of marine bacteria for antimicrobial activity resulted in the isolation of Bacillus pumilus (SP21) from a sediment sample collected in the Bahamas. A bioassay-guided fractionation led toExpand
Exploring the diversity and metabolic potential of actinomycetes from temperate marine sediments from Newfoundland, Canada
The potential for the discovery of novel bioactive metabolites from actinomycetes isolated from Atlantic Canadian marine sediments is demonstrated, including cytotoxic metabolites from Actinoalloteichus and Streptomyces. Expand
Population impacts in white sucker (Catostomus commersonii) exposed to oil sands-derived contaminants in the Athabasca River.
Based on the exposure profile and response pattern observed, effects on energy storage and utilization in white sucker from the Athabasca River most likely resulted from exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons derived from petrogenic and pyrolytic sources. Expand
Chemical Screening Method for the Rapid Identification of Microbial Sources of Marine Invertebrate-Associated Metabolites
An efficient chemical screening method utilizing a 96-well plate-based bacterial cultivation strategy to identify and isolate microbial producers of marine invertebrate-associated metabolites is described. Expand
The marine sponge Plakortis zyggompha: a source of original bioactive polyketides
Abstract Three new spiculoic acids 1 – 3 and two members of a new closely related family of natural products named zyggomphic acids 4 and 5 were isolated from the very little studied marine spongeExpand
Diterpenes from gorgonian corals.
This review describes 602 new compounds isolated from gorgonian corals, with a focus on the structures of new compounds as well as their biological activity. Expand
Bioactive guanidine alkaloids from two Caribbean marine sponges.
Seven new guanidine alkaloids (1-7) together with the known batzelladines A, F, H, and L, ptilomycalin A, and fromiamycalin were isolated from the Caribbean marine sponges Monanchora arbuscula andExpand
Chemical dereplication of marine actinomycetes by liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry profiling and statistical analysis.
This study reports a novel methodology to dereplicate microbial strains by a metabolomics approach using liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS), which provides the ability to identify putative novel chemical entities as natural product discovery leads. Expand
Sea foam as a source of fungal inoculum for the isolation of biologically active natural products
The main goals of this study were to investigate the fungal diversity associated with sea foam collected around the coast of Prince Edward Island and the utility of this resource for the production of antimicrobial natural products. Expand
New cytotoxic steroids from the Indian Ocean sponge Axinella cf. bidderi.
Four new sterols have been isolated from the marine sponge Axinella cf. bidderi, 17alpha-hydroxy-22,23-epoxy-24-methylcholest-5-en-3beta-ol (1) and 17alpha-hydroxy-22,23-epoxycholest-5-en-3beta-olExpand