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Electricity Smart Meters Interfacing the Households
The definition of a local interface for smart meters is proposed by looking at the actual European Union and international regulations, at the technological solutions available on the market, and at those implemented in different countries, by proposing specific architectures for a proper consumer-oriented implementation of a smart meter network. Expand
Communication architectures for electrical drives
An attempt is made at defining real-time operation for this application field, at reviewing the standardization work done to unify the electrical drive interfaces, and at encompassing the recently accepted solutions, including those based on the industrial Ethernet. Expand
Communication protocols for electrical drives
The paper presents a review of the main communication protocols relating to industrial applications of electrical drives. In the factory automation context, drives are increasingly considered asExpand
Powerline communication in electric vehicles
In full electric (EV) or hybrid electric (HEV) vehicles the onboard communication is a crucial issue, that can take advantage from a reliable and robust interaction among the embedded units (ECUs)Expand
Gamification Techniques for Rule Management in Ambient Intelligence
It is suggested that user interfaces for rule construction must be integrated with proper techniques for user engagement and motivation, such as those proposed in the gamification theory, in the Ambient Intelligence context. Expand
A field orientation scheme for current-fed induction motor drives based on the torque angle closed-loop control
A field orientation scheme for current-fed induction motor drives that is based on the closed-loop control of the torque angle is presented. Merits of the scheme are insensitivity to the rotorExpand
Towards the powerline alternative in automotive applications
The power line technology has received an increasing attention in the last decades due to its inherent benefits, mainly related to the reduction of cabling and associated costs. Power lineExpand
Hybrid position/force sliding mode control of a class of robotic manipulators
The proposed hybrid control scheme includes position and force controllers based on first and second order sliding modes which guarantee suitable robustness properties to perform a satisfactory trajectory tracking and allowing one to make the robot move in an environment with unknown obstacles by using the possibility of touching the obstacles as a way to pass them by. Expand
IIoT based efficiency monitoring of a Gantry robot
This paper shows how, within the IIoT frame topics, the plant efficiency can be addressed and bring relevant improvement and proves it with a practical example based on a Gantry robot, driven in an EtherCAT based automation network. Expand
Enhancing the trajectory tracking performance capabilities of position-controlled manipulators
The results show that the additional controller provides a way to enhance the performance of a standard PID regulator often in use for industrial robot manipulators, while still keeping it in operation. Expand