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Regio- and stereoselective monoamination of diketones without protecting groups.
) out of six showed perfect regioselectivity forthe differentiation between the two keto groups. Hence, theamination occurred exclusively at the sterically less demand-ing w-1 ketone moiety, leadingExpand
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Oxo-molybdenum and oxo-tungsten complexes of Schiff bases relevant to molybdoenzymes.
A series of octahedral dioxomolybdenum(VI) complexes of the type [MoO(2)L(2)] {L = 4-Ar-pent-2-en-ol; L(i-Pr2Ph) with Ar = 2,6-diisopropylphenyl (1); L(Me2Ph) with Ar = 2,6-dimethylphenyl (2),Expand
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Synthesis, characterization, electrochemical and spectroscopic investigation of cobalt(III) Schiff base complexes with axial amine ligands: The layered crystal structure of
Abstract Cobalt(III) complexes with potentially tetradentate salophen (H2salophen = N,N′–bis(salicylidene)-1,2-phenylenediamine) as equatorial ligand and with different axial amine ligands (NH3,Expand
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Oxorhenium(V) complexes with phenolate-pyrazole ligands for olefin epoxidation using hydrogen peroxide.
Oxorhenium(V) complexes of the general formula [ReOCl2(PPh3)(L)] (2a-c) and [ReOCl(L)2] (3a-c) with L being monoanionic, bidentate phenolate-pyrazole ligands 1a-c that bear substituents with variousExpand
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New 1,3-Thiazoles and 1,3-Thiazines from 1-Thiocarbamoylpyrazoles
Summary. New 1,3-thiazoles and 1,3-thiazines are prepared from 1-thiocarbamoyl-pyrazoles. The structures of the title compounds are established by a single crystal structure analysis. Furthermore,Expand
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Silanol-based surfactants: synthetic access and properties of an innovative class of environmentally benign detergents.
Herein, environmentally friendly surfactants based on new silanols as substitutes for the isoelectronic phosphonates were explored. Surface tensions of aqueous solutions are significantly reduced,Expand
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The title compound, C24H18N2, is the first structural example containing the 3,4-dihydrobenzo[b][1,6]naphthyridine fragment. Expand
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Abstract 2-Pyridone and 2-quinolone analogues are well-known biologically active heterocyclic scaffolds. Libraries of 3,5,6-substituted 2-pyridone derivatives are generated by rapid microwaveExpand
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Absolute configuration of eremophilane sesquiterpenes from Petasites hybridus: comparison of experimental and calculated circular dichroism spectra.
In-depth conformational analyses of 10 known eremophilane (= (1S,4aR,7R,8aR)-decahydro-1,8a-dimethyl-7-(1-methylethyl)napththalene) sesquiterpenes, 1-10, from Petasites hybridus were performed withExpand
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Novel pyridazine based scorpionate ligands in cobalt and nickel boratrane compounds.
Heating of 6-methylpyridazine-3-thione (HPn(Me)) and 6-tert-butylpyridazine-3-thione (HPn(tBu)) with potassium borohydride in diphenylmethane in a 3:1 ratio gave two new scorpionate ligandsExpand
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