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Skp2 is required for survival of aberrantly proliferating Rb1-deficient cells and for tumorigenesis in Rb1+/− mice
Heterozygosity of the retinoblastoma gene Rb1 elicits tumorigenesis in susceptible tissues following spontaneous loss of the remaining functional allele. Inactivation of previously studiedExpand
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Functional conservation of the fruitless male sex-determination gene across 250 Myr of insect evolution.
Male sexual behavior in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is regulated by fruitless (fru), a sex-determination gene specifying the synthesis of BTB-Zn finger proteins that likely function asExpand
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Skp2 deletion unmasks a p27 safeguard that blocks tumorigenesis in the absence of pRb and p53 tumor suppressors.
pRb and p53 are two major tumor suppressors. Here, we found that p53 activates expression of Pirh2 and KPC1, two of the three ubiquitin ligases for p27. Loss of p53 in the absence of Skp2, the thirdExpand
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Skp2 suppresses apoptosis in Rb1 deficient tumors by limiting E2F1 activity
One mechanism of tumor suppression by pRb is repressing E2F1. Hence, E2f1 deletion diminishes tumorigenesis following Rb1 loss. However, E2F1 promotes both proliferation and apoptosis. It thereforeExpand
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pRb is an obesity suppressor in hypothalamus and high‐fat diet inhibits pRb in this location
pRb is frequently inactivated in tumours by mutations or phosphorylation. Here, we investigated whether pRb plays a role in obesity. The Arcuate nucleus (ARC) in hypothalamus contains antagonizingExpand
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RHOA Is a Modulator of the Cholesterol-Lowering Effects of Statin
Although statin drugs are generally efficacious for lowering plasma LDL-cholesterol levels, there is considerable variability in response. To identify candidate genes that may contribute to thisExpand
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A comparison between Skp2 and FOXO1 for their cytoplasmic localization by Akt1
The F-box protein Skp2 functions as the substrate recruitment subunit of the SCFSkp2 E3 ubiquitin ligase, whose best-known target is p27Kip1 in the nucleus. Two recent articles reported that kinaseExpand
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Substituting Threonine 187 with Alanine in p27Kip1 Prevents Pituitary Tumorigenesis by Two-Hit Loss of Rb1 and Enhances Humoral Immunity in Old Age*
Background: p27T187A knockin mice facilitate studying p27Kip1 protein in physiology. Results: p27T187A knockin prevented pituitary tumorigenesis in Rb1+/− mice and enhanced humoral response toExpand
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Transmembrane Protein 55B Is a Novel Regulator of Cellular Cholesterol Metabolism
Objective— Interindividual variation in pathways affecting cellular cholesterol metabolism can influence levels of plasma cholesterol, a well-established risk factor for cardiovascular disease.Expand
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Racing to block tumorigenesis after pRb loss: An innocuous point mutation wins with synthetic lethality
A major goal of tumor suppressor research is to neutralize the tumorigenic effects of their loss. Since loss of pRb does not induce tumorigenesis in many types of cells, natural mechanisms mayExpand
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