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Understanding thixotropic and antithixotropic behavior of viscoelastic micellar solutions and liquid crystalline dispersions. I. The model
Abstract A simple model consisting of the Upper Convected Maxwell constitutive equation and a kinetic equation for destruction and construction of structure, first proposed by Fredrickson in 1970, isExpand
On the shear banding flow of elongated micellar solutions
Abstract Under steady shear flow, elongated micellar solutions show shear stress saturation above a critical shear rate due to the formation of shear bands that result in non-homogeneous flow. LongExpand
On the rheological modeling of associative polymers
The viscoelastic behavior of a commercial hydrophobic alkali-soluble emulsion (HASE) associative polymer in small-amplitude oscillatory, steady, and unsteady simple-shear flows is analyzed with aExpand
On the modelling of the shear thickening behavior in micellar solutions
AbstractThe steady and transient nonlinear rheological behaviors of dilute rod-like micellar solutions are predicted here with a particular case of the generalized Bautista–Manero–Puig (BMP) modelExpand
Rheological behavior in the didodecyldimethylammonium bromide/water system
Abstract The phase behavior in the dilute region of the didodecyldimethylammonium bromide (DDAB)/water system is studied with a battery of techniques. The critical vesicle concentration (cvc),Expand
Dynamics of worm-like micelles: the Cox–Merz rule
Abstract The viscoelastic behaviour of worm-like micelles in small-amplitude oscillatory, steady simple shear and uniaxial extensional flows are analyzed with a model that couples the Oldroyd-BExpand
Irreversible Thermodynamics Approach and Modeling of Shear-Banding Flow of Wormlike Micelles
The flow in a pipe of wormlike micellar solutions is examined using a simple model that consists of the codeformational Maxwell constitutive equation and a kinetic equation that accounts for theExpand
Shear-banded flow and transient rheology of cationic wormlike micellar solutions
Linear oscillatory as well as transient and steady shear measurements for micellar solutions of dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide (DTAB) and sodium salicylate (NaSal) as a function of theExpand
Catalytic and galvanic effects of pyrite on ferric leaching of sphalerite
Abstract The catalytic and galvanic effects of pyrite on the dissolution kinetics of a zinc sulfide concentrate in an acidified ferric sulfate medium were assessed. The effects of particle size,Expand
Phase and rheological behavior of the polymerizable surfactant CTAVB and water.
The linear viscoelastic regime is analyzed with the Granek-Cates model, showing that the relaxation is controlled by the kinetics of reformation and scission of the micelles, and the steady and unsteady responses in the nonlinear regime are compared with the predictions of the Bautista-Manero-Puig model. Expand