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On the Level Spacing Distribution in Quantum Graphs
We derive a formula for the level spacing probability distribution in quantum graphs. We apply it to simple examples and we discuss its relation with previous work and its possible application in
The thermodynamic cost of driving quantum systems by their boundaries
  • F. Barra
  • Physics
    Scientific reports
  • 14 September 2015
This work considers systems actively and locally coupled to the environment, evolving with a so-called boundary-driven Lindblad equation, and shows that an XX chain coupled to a left and a right heat baths behaves as a quantum engine, a heater or refrigerator depending on the parameters, with efficiencies bounded by Carnot efficiencies.
Classical dynamics on graphs.
  • F. Barra, P. Gaspard
  • Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 23 November 2000
The lifetime of the particle on the open graph is shown to correspond to the lifetime of a system that undergoes a diffusion process before it escapes and the relaxation rates as well as the chaotic properties can be defined for the time-continuous classical dynamics on graphs.
Dissipative Charging of a Quantum Battery.
  • F. Barra
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1 February 2019
It is shown that a cyclic unitary process can extract work from the thermodynamic equilibrium state of an engineered quantum dissipative process, and situations in which the extractable work is maximal, and circumstances inWhich the efficiency of the process is maximal.
Wave propagation through a random array of pinned dislocations: Velocity change and attenuation in a generalized Granato and Lücke theory
A quantitative theory of the elastic wave damping and velocity change due to interaction with dislocations is presented. It provides a firm theoretical basis and a generalization of the Granato and
Scattering in periodic systems: from resonances to band structure
We report a study of the spectrum of scattering resonances in spatially extended open quantum systems. We consider the Schrodinger equation with a potential composed of n copies of a unit cell
Interaction of a surface wave with a dislocation
The scattering of a surface wave by a pinned edge dislocation in a semi-infinite, homogeneous, isotropic, three-dimensional elastic solid is investigated analytically and numerically. An incident
Transport and dynamics on open quantum graphs.
  • F. Barra, P. Gaspard
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 13 July 2001
The classical limit of quantum mechanics on graphs is studied by introducing a Wigner function for graphs and extended open graphs whose classical dynamics generate a diffusion process are considered.
Charging assisted by thermalization
A system in thermal equilibrium with a bath will generally be in an athermal state, if the system-bath coupling is strong. In some cases, it will be possible to extract work from that athermal state,
Number of propagating modes of a diffusive periodic waveguide in the semiclassical limit.
The semiclassical prediction for diffusive systems is verified to good accuracy and a connection between this result and the universality of the parametric variation of energy levels is presented.