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Devolatilization of Biomass Fuels and Biomass Components Studied by TG/FTIR Technique
Biomass fuels represent a renewable energy source, they are CO2 neutral fuels, and their use reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and limits the emissions of SOx, NOx, and heavy metals. They areExpand
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Formation of hydrogen bromide and organobrominated compounds in the thermal degradation of electronic boards
Abstract The influence of the heating rate and of the presence of oxygen on the decomposition pathways and on the decomposition product yields obtained from the thermal degradation of electronicExpand
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Thermal Degradation and Decomposition Products of Electronic Boards Containing BFRs
Production of electronic boards containing brominated flame retardants is constantly increasing, posing important problems with disposal of products containing these materials. The present studyExpand
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Thermal stability and decomposition products of hexabromocyclododecane
The thermal stability and decomposition products of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD), a widely used aliphatic brominated flame retardant, were investigated. HBCD thermal degradation was carried out inExpand
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Heat of wood pyrolysis
The heat of pyrolysis of beech and spruce wood was investigated by means of a differential scanning calorimeter. Wide variations were found for the heat of the primary pyrolysis process, depending onExpand
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Bio-oils from biomass slow pyrolysis: a chemical and toxicological screening.
Bio-oils were produced from bench-scale slow-pyrolysis of three different biomass samples (corn stalks, poplar and switchgrass). Experimental protocols were developed and applied in order to screenExpand
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An experimental investigation of tetrabromobisphenol A decomposition pathways
Abstract The primary thermal decomposition pathways of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBA), a widely used brominated flame retardant, were investigated. TBBA decomposition was carried out in aExpand
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The Thermal Degradation Process of Tetrabromobisphenol A
This study focused on the investigation of the thermal degradation process of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBA). The use of combined experimental techniques allowed the quantitative characterization ofExpand
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Influence of Secondary Reactions on the Heat of Pyrolysis of Biomass
The thermal behaviors during the pyrolysis of two different biomass samples, beech wood from carpentry residuals and artichoke thistle from energy-dedicated crops, were investigated.Expand
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Inherent safety of substances: Identification of accidental scenarios due to decomposition products
Abstract The hazard due to the unwanted formation of dangerous substances in the loss of control of a chemical industrial process is well known since the Seveso accident. The assessment of theExpand
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