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An Agenda for a Reformed Cohesion Policy A place-based approach to meeting European Union challenges and expectations
EU regional policy is an investment policy. It supports job creation, competitiveness, economic growth, improved quality of life and sustainable development. These investments support the delivery of
The Control of Corporate Europe
Written by an international team of authors, this book provides the first systematic account of the control of corporate Europe based on voting block data disclosed in accordance with the European
The Case for Regional Development Intervention: Place‐Based Versus Place‐Neutral Approaches
The paper examines the debates regarding place-neutral versus place-based policies for economic development. The analysis is set in the context of how development policy thinking on the part of both
On Corporate Governance in Italy: Issues, Facts and Agenda
Drawing on recent theories of control allocation and on the results of a farsearching empirical research project, Italian corporate governance is analyzed and interpreted. With control oriented
State Ownership and the Evolution of Italian Corporate Governance
State ownership, pyramidal groups, family trust and a minor role for banks and other financial institutions in the corporate governance of both large and small enterprises are the structural features
New trends and the policy shift in the Italian Mezzogiorno
Apres avoir evoque les difficultes chroniques du Mezzogiorno, l'A. souligne la necessite d'une nouvelle politique de developpement regional, articulee aux politiques regionales europeennes. Augmenter
Alternative Approaches to Development Policy
This chapter concludes the OECD Regional Outlook Policy Forum with an examination of the intersections and divergences between alternative approaches to regional development, paying particular
Unequal Europe: recommendations for a more caring EU. Final report of the High-Level Group on 'Social Union'
The EU institutions’ new leaderships are being presented with a highly unusual report. It sets out the strengths and weaknesses of social policies that have been fundamental to the European Union,