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Relative importance of density-dependent regulation and environmental stochasticity for butterfly population dynamics
The relative contribution of density-dependent regulation and environmental stochasticity to the temporal dynamics of animal populations is one of the central issues of ecology. In insects, theExpand
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Habitat preferences of Maculinea arion and its Myrmica host ants: implications for habitat management in Italian Alps
Projections of climate-change scenarios indicate that many Maculinea arion populations will disappear from Europe over the next 50 years. Extinctions will be particularly concentrated around theExpand
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Dispersal and connectivity effects at different altitudes in the Euphydryas aurinia complex
Across its European range, the Euphydryas aurinia complex (Annex II of the Habitats Directive) includes a series of distinct populations. At least 3 taxa occur in Italy, each showing slightExpand
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Corruption of ant acoustical signals by mimetic social parasites
Recent recordings of the stridulations of Myrmica ants revealed that their queens made distinctive sounds from their workers, although the acoustics of queens and workers, respectively, were the sameExpand
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Butterflies that trick ants with sound
Larvae of parasitic Maculinea butterflies use acoustic mimicry to induce host ants to adopt and care for them.
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Particle contents of higher-derivative gravity
The (lower derivative) action, which describes the actual degrees of freedom of a (higher derivative) theory of gravity quadratic in the scalar and Ricci curvatures, is found. Key steps are aExpand
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The influence of colony traits on the collective behaviour of Myrmica scabrinodis ants
Eusocial insects exhibit different kinds of collective behaviours which are the outcomes of interactions among several individuals without central control. Ant societies are ideal models to studyExpand
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Habitat preferences of Papilio alexanor Esper, [1800]: implications for habitat management in the Italian Maritime Alps
ABSTRACT Papilio alexanor Esper, [1800] is a threatened European butterfly species listed in Annex IV of the Habitats Directive and in Appendix II of the Bern Convention, being considered extremelyExpand
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