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Scan Design and Secure Chip
This analysis aims at pointing out the security vulnerability induced by using such a DfTtechnique and a solution securing the scan is finally proposed. Expand
Test control for secure scan designs
This paper proposes to merge security requirements with testability ones in a control-oriented design for security scan technique in order to protect access to secret data. Expand
Scan design and secure chip [secure IC testing]
This analysis aims at pointing out the security vulnerability induced by using usual design for testability techniques when designing secure ICs, and a solution securing the scan is finally proposed. Expand
Investigation of noncalcium interactions of fura-2 by classical and synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy.
This study of fura-2 properties shows that this calcium probe is pH-sensitive and able to bind to cellular proteins, and used the synchronous fluorescence technique to detect the protein-bound form of fURA-2 selectively, in order to assess the pH dependence of the furas-2/protein interaction. Expand
Rapid inhibition of Ca2+ influx by neurosteroids in murine embryonic sensory neurones.
A rapid effect of progestins on embryonic DRG neurones involving an antagonistic effect of Proges and its primary metabolite allopregnanolone on GABAA receptors is described for the first time. Expand
Microspectrofluorometry as a tool for investigation of non-calcium interactions of Indo-1.
An optical multichannel analyser is used to numerise the fluorescence emitted by a single cell of Indo-1 and shows the existence of two other forms of the molecule: a protonated form and a form in interaction with proteins. Expand
Intracellular Ca2+ regulation in rat motoneurons during development.
Results show that the control of motoneuronal [Ca(2+)](i) homeostasis is developmentally regulated and suggest the presence of an intracellular ryanodine-sensitive Ca(2+) channel responsible for a Ca-2+)-induced release in embryonic mot oneurons following voltage-dependent Ca-dependent entry via L-type Ca( 2+) channels. Expand
Three-dimensional culture of newborn rat utricle using an extracellular matrix promotes formation of a cyst
The aim of this study was the development of an in vitro model that would allow concomitant investigations on maturation and physiological properties of both the hair cells and their endolymphatic compartment, with the possibility to use multi-technical approaches to investigate their interdependent relationships. Expand
Three-dimensional analytical optimization of permanent magnets alternated structure
The paper presents the analytical study of an alternated structure of permanent magnets. These structures are used to construct position sensors, for example. Such devices need to be optimized, andExpand
A secure Scan Design Methodology
A scan chain integrity detection mechanism is proposed, which respects both automated design flow and IP reuse environment, and is easy to integrate into a completely automated designflow or in an IP reuse environments. Expand