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The Description Logic Handbook: Theory, Implementation, and Applications
This new edition of The Description Logic Handbook provides a thorough account of the subject, covering all aspects of research in this field, namely: theory, implementation, and applications. Expand
The Description Logic Handbook
This introduction presents the main motivations for the development of Description Logics (DLs) as a formalism for representing knowledge, as well as some important basic notions underlying allExpand
Pushing the EL Envelope
This work identifies a set of expressive means that can be added to EL without sacrificing tractability, and shows that basically all other additions of typical DL constructors to EL with GCIs make subsumption intractable, and in most cases even EXPTIME-complete. Expand
Term rewriting and all that
This chapter discusses abstract reduction systems, universal algebra, and Grobner bases and Buchberger's algorithm, and a bluffer's guide to ML Bibliography Index. Expand
Basic Description Logics
This chapter provides an introduction to Description Logics as a formal language for representing knowledge and reasoning about it, covering syntax and semantics, and the basic constructors that are used in systems or have been introduced in the literature. Expand
A Scheme for Integrating Concrete Domains into Concept Languages
This paper shall define a terminological and an assertional language, and consider the important inference problems such as subsumption, instantiation, and consistency, and proposes a scheme for integrating such concrete domains into concept languages. Expand
Description Logics as Ontology Languages for the Semantic Web
The vision of a Semantic Web has recently drawn considerable attention, both from academia and industry. Description logics are often named as one of the tools that can support the Semantic Web andExpand
Embedding defaults into terminological knowledge representation formalisms
An algorithm for computing extensions is described and it is shown how the inference procedures of terminological systems can be modified to give optimal support to this algorithm. Expand
An Overview of Tableau Algorithms for Description Logics
This article focuses on three features that play an important rôle in description logics (number restrictions, terminological axioms, and role constructors), and shows how they can be taken into account by tableau algorithms. Expand