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The Mental Foramen Position in Dentate and Edentulous Brazilian's Mandible
El foramen mental ha sido reportado variablemente en diferentes posiciones, segun los grupos etnicos. Repetidos errores durante el procedimiento anestesico, que involucran al foramen mental, sugierenExpand
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Morphometric analysis of the foramen magnum in human skulls of brazilian individuals: its relation to gender
The morphological characteristics obtained by craniometry may be the key to sex determination and enable us to identify unknown individuals in anywhere in the world. Expand
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Morphological characteristics of foramen of Vesalius and its relationship with clinical implications
The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence as well morphometry of the foramen of Vesalius in human skulls and analyzing their clinical importance. Dry human skulls (n = 80) and with genderExpand
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Incidence of the mandibular accessory foramina in Brazilian population
Department of Morphology State University of Campinas - UNICAMP, CEP 13414-903, Piracicaba, SP
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Morphological changes in the position of the mandibular foramen in dentate and edentate Brazilian subjects
This study assessed the mandibular foramen (MF) position variability in dentate and edentate Brazilian mandibles. Eighty dentate and 79 edentate mandibles of unknown sex were measured bilaterallyExpand
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Caroticoclinoid Foramen in Human Skulls: Incidence, Morphometry and its Clinical Implications
The caroticoclinoid foramen is an inconstant structure, formed by the union of the anterior and middle clinoid processes. Expand
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Endoscopic removal of an endodontic file accidentally swallowed: clinical and legal approaches.
The use of a rubber dam is an essential procedure when treating root canals, and not using it may compromise the success of the treatment, as well as the patient's health. This report presents a caseExpand
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Analysis of the fluorescence of body fluids on different surfaces and times.
The use of screening techniques, such as an alternative light source (ALS), is important for finding biological evidence at a crime scene. The objective of this study was to evaluate whetherExpand
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Comparison of Gunshot Entrance Morphologies Caused by .40-Caliber Smith & Wesson, .380-Caliber, and 9-mm Luger Bullets: A Finite Element Analysis Study
Firearms can cause fatal wounds, which can be identified by traces on or around the body. However, there are cases where neither the bullet nor gun is found at the crime scene. Ballistic researchExpand
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Analysis of the Frontal Sinus Morphology and the Titanium Plates Shape in Skull Fracture for Human Identification
La identificacion humana puede realizarse por varios metodos, entre ellos a partir de estructuras anatomicas del esqueleto facial y del reconocimiento de senales individuales. El objetivo de esteExpand
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