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Models for Proton-coupled Electron Transfer in Photosystem II
The coupling of proton and electron transfers is a key part of the chemistry of photosynthesis. The oxidative side of photosystem II (PS II) in particular seems to involve a number of proton-coupledExpand
A dihydroxo-bridged Fe(II)-Fe(III) complex: a new member of the diiron diamond core family.
The first structurally characterized Fe(II)-Fe(III) complex containing a M2(mu-OH)2 diamond core is a Robin and Day class II mixed-valence complex.
Squeezing the [Cu-OH...H2O-Cu]3+ bridge by cryptate encapsulation.
Computational optimization at the B3LYP/6-31(d) level suggests that the bridging O-H...O H-bond is bent but that the barrier to interchange of the bridges H atom is low (<4 kJ mol(-1). Expand
Mixed carboxylate-bridged dimanganese(II/III) compounds prepared by an O2-dependent oxidative cleavage of ketones.
The structure of an O(2)-sensitive Mn(II)-Mn(II) complex with an unsymmetrical perchlorate bridge is reported. This complex promotes an O(2)-dependent oxidative cleavage of ketones giving mixedExpand
Identification of the dinuclear and tetranuclear air-oxidized products derived from labile phenolate-bridged dimanganese(II) pyridyl-chelate compounds
Dioxygen-sensitive dinuclear manganese complexes of the phenoxo-hinged dinucleating ligand 2,6-bis{l_brace}[N,N{prime}-bis(2-picolyl)amino]methyl{r_brace}-4-tert-butylphenolato (bpbp{sup -})Expand
2:2 Fe(III):ligand and "adamantane core" 4:2 Fe(III):ligand (hydr)oxo complexes of an acyclic ditopic ligand.
Magnetic susceptibility measurements show a well-behaved weak antiferromagnetic coupling between the two Fe(III) atoms, J= -8 cm(-1), and the tetranuclear complex shows an adamantane-like structure. Expand
A vanadium-promoted C–N bond cleavage
Abstract A C–N bond in one arm of the mixed-valence VIII–VIV complex bpbp(VOCl2)(VCl2), bpbpH = 2,6-bis((N,N-bis-(2-picolyl)amino)methyl)-4-tertbutylphenol, is cleaved in wet acetonitrile solution toExpand
Models for Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Photosystem II
An overview of recent studies of PCET model systems in the authors' laboratory is presented, including organic HAT reactions and reactions of iron-tris(alpha-diimine) and manganese-(mu-oxo) complexes. Expand
Self-assembled monolayer of a peroxo-bridged dinuclear cobalt(III) complex on Au(111).
Electrochemical measurements and electrochemical scanning tunnelling microscopy data support the formation of a densely packed adlayer of 3 attached via a gold-thiolate bond and the potential of the O22-/O2*- couple of the SAM of 3 suggests a much higher affinity towards O2 compared to the solution precursor. Expand