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The Evolution of Modularity in the Mammalian Skull I: Morphological Integration Patterns and Magnitudes
The data provide evidence that mammalian skull evolution can be viewed as a history of inter-module parcellation, with the modules themselves being more clearly marked in those lineages with lower overall magnitude of integration. Expand
The Evolution of Modularity in the Mammalian Skull II: Evolutionary Consequences
Simulation of the evolutionary behavior of several mammalian orders in terms of their flexibility, evolvability and constraints in the skull found them to be quite variable among mammals, providing evidence that, despite the stasis in integration patterns, the plasticity in the magnitude of integration in the skulls had important consequences in termsof evolutionary flexibility of the mammalian lineages. Expand
Plant Selection and Seasonal Patterns of Vocal Activity in Two Populations of the Bromeligen Treefrog Scinax perpusillus (Anura, Hylidae)
This research examines whether male frogs select plants with specific eco-morphological traits, call at specific time periods within the reproductive season, and call more actively under certain temperature and humidity conditions in bromeliads. Expand