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Sustainability Transitions Research: Transforming Science and Practice for Societal Change
The article describes the field of sustainability transitions research, which emerged in the past two decades in the context of a growing scientific and public interest in large-scale societalExpand
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Power in Transition: An Interdisciplinary Framework to Study Power in Relation to Structural Change
This article conceptualizes power in the context of long-term process of structural change. First, it discusses the field of transition studies, which deals with processes of structural change inExpand
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Shifting Power Relations in Sustainability Transitions: A Multi-actor Perspective
Abstract This paper contributes to understanding transition politics by conceptualizing (shifting) power relations between actors in sustainability transitions. The authors introduce a Multi-actorExpand
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An agenda for sustainability transitions research: State of the art and future directions
Research on sustainability transitions has expanded rapidly in the last ten years, diversified in terms of topics and geographical applications, and deepened with respect to theories and methods.Expand
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Empowerment and the challenge of applying transition management to ongoing projects
This article explores the relation between empowerment and long-term policy design. More specifically, it studies the empowerment aspect of a specific long-term policy design, transition managementExpand
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Transformative social innovation and (dis)empowerment
This article responds to increasing public and academic discourses on social innovation, which often rest on the assumption that social innovation can drive societal change and empower actors to dealExpand
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The politics of sustainability transitions
Sustainability transitions are processes of fundamental social change in response to societal challenges (Grin, Rotmans, & Schot, 2010; Markard, Raven, & Truffer, 2012). They reflect a particularExpand
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Actor roles in transition: Insights from sociological perspectives
Abstract To date, the field of transition research lacks a suitable vocabulary to analyse the (changing) interactions and relations of actors as part of a sustainability transition. This articleExpand
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Power in Sustainability Transitions: Analysing power and (dis)empowerment in transformative change towards sustainability
This paper conceptualizes power and empowerment in the context of sustainability transitions and transition governance. The field of transition studies has been critically interrogated forExpand
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Power in Transition: Empowering Discourses on Sustainability Transitions
textabstractThis is a book about power and transformative change. It explores how groups of people who are trying to transform the mobility system are affected by notions of change and power, and howExpand
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