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Cirrus cloud microphysical and optical properties at southern and northern midlatitudes during the INCA experiment
[1] Microphysical and optical measurements were performed in midlatitude cirrus clouds at temperatures between −33°C and −60°C during southern and northern Interhemispheric Differences in CirrusExpand
Comparison of OMI ozone and UV irradiance data with ground-based measurements at two French sites
Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), launched in July 2004, is dedicated to the monitoring of the Earth's ozone, air quality and climate. OMI provides among other things the total column of ozoneExpand
Water vapour measurements inside cirrus clouds in Northern and Southern hemispheres during INCA
Water vapour data inside cirrus clouds from in-situ measurements with an aircraft-borne frost-point hygrometer are analysed. These data have been obtained during two field campaigns, performed in theExpand
Radiative properties of aerosol mixture observed during the dry season 2006 over M'Bour, Senegal (African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis campaign)
[1] During the dry season in the Western Africa region the outbreaks of biomass burning aerosols occur on a background of frequent dust storms. In the frame of the African Monsoon MultidisciplinaryExpand
Aerosol retrieval over land using a multiband polarimeter and comparison with path radiance method
[1] This study focuses on the development of a new approach to retrieve aerosol properties over land, based on the use of multispectral polarized measurements (0.67–2.2 μm). We use the measurementsExpand
In situ measurements of the scattering phase function of stratocumulus, contrails and cirrus
Original measurements were obtained in stratocumulus, contrails and cirrus clouds by using a new optical airborne probe, the ‘Polar Nephelometer’, which is the first airborne instrument to makeExpand
Quantitative measurement of the microphysical and optical properties of cirrus clouds with four different in situ probes: Evidence of small ice crystals
Original microphysical and optical measurements were obtained in cirrus clouds on the Southern and Northern hemispheres during the INCA experiments using four independent techniques: (1) theExpand
In Situ Observation of Cirrus Scattering Phase Functions with 22° and 46° Halos: Cloud Field Study on 19 February 1998
Abstract Observations of halos and related phenomena due to ice crystals are commonly reported from ground observations and presented in the literature. Nevertheless, ice crystal characteristics haveExpand
Analysis of the spectral and angular response of the vegetated surface polarization for the purpose of aerosol remote sensing over land.
The results confirm that the polarization generated by the reflection of vegetated surfaces can be understood as being primarily a specular reflection process and are well fitted by existing surface models which have two degrees of freedom that allow the magnitude and angular behavior of the surface-polarized reflectance to be adjusted. Expand
Cirrus Cloud Occurrence as Function of Ambient Relative Humidity: A Comparison of Observations Obtained during the INCA Experiment
Based on in-situ observations performed during the Interhemispheric differences in cirrus properties from anthropogenic emissions (INCA) experiment, we introduce and discuss the cloud presenceExpand