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[Virus proteins. IV. Constitution of the coat protein of the fd phage].
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Controlled multicenter pilot study of urokinase- heparin and streptokinase in deep vein thrombosis.
Thirty-three patients with acute iliofemoral thrombosis were randomly assigned to three treatment groups in a pilot dose-ranging study of thrombolytic therapy in deep vein thrombosis. One groupExpand
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In vivo studies on the inhibition of coagulation by fractionated heparin and by a heparin analogue. II. Effects of a heparin analogue.
SSHA, a semi-synthetic heparin analogue, and sodium heparin from porcine intestinal mucosa were injected subcutaneously into six healthy volunteers over a period of three days in a cross-over trial.Expand
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Inhibition of the fibrinolytic system in Behçet's disease?
Suppression of the fibrinolytic system is a well-known phenomenon in patients with Behçet's disease. It is generally explained by an increase in the inhibitory potential. In order to prove thisExpand
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The Determination of Antithrombin III, α 2 -Macroglobulin and α 2 -Antiplasmin in Plasma by Laser Nephelometry
: Specific assay procedures were developed to determine antithrombin III, alpha 2-macroglobulin, and alpha 2-antiplasmin in plasma with the aid of a Laser nephelometer. About 100 normal andExpand
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[Panmyelopathy after administration of diclofenac?].
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[The constitution of the coat protein of bacteriophage fd].
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Letter: Oral contraception and increased formation of high molecular weight derivatives of fibrinogen.
Experiments conducted in the writers' laboratory on oral contraception and increased formation of high molecular weight derivatives of fibrinogen confirm results of a report by L.O. Pilgeram andExpand
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