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Sensitivity analysis of Gassmann's fluid substitution equations: Some implications in feasibility studies of time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring
Abstract Here, we discuss the sensitivity of the seismic response to uncertainties in the physical parameters of the reservoir rock. For this purpose, a probabilistic sensitivity analysis ofExpand
Neural Net Ensembles for Lithology Recognition
In this paper we evaluate the performance of different ensemble systems, specially developed for the task of lithology recognition, based on well data from a major petroleum company. Expand
Lithology Recognition by Neural Network Ensembles
This paper investigates the advantages of methods based on Neural Network Classifier Ensembles - sets of neural networks working in a cooperative way to achieve a consensus decision- in the solution of the lithology recognition problem, a common task found in the petroleum exploration field. Expand
Modelling elastic media with the wavelet transform
Summary We present a new method for modelling 2-D elastic media with the application of the wavelet transform, which is also extended to cases where discontinuities simulate geological faultsExpand
P–S converted wave: conversion point and zero-offset energy in anisotropic media
Here, we analyze two aspects related to converted-wave seismology: the conversion point problem and the zero-offset energy phenomenon. We show the anisotropy effect on the conversion point positionExpand
Enhanced density estimation from prestack inversion of multicomponent seismic data
Using 3C-2D seismic data in the Albacora block, Campos Basin, Brazil, we analyzed the potential of multicomponent data for density esti-mation by simultaneously inverting prestack compressional andExpand
Zero-offset C-wave Reflectivity In Horizontally Layered Media
The existence of non-zero reflectivity of C-wave for zerooffset in horizontally layered media is discussed herein. Field measurements have suggested the occurrence of this phenomenon. It is shown inExpand
Comparing P-S conversion point location in isotropic and anisotropic media
The determination of the exact position of the P-S conversion point (CP) is an important issue in converted-wave seismology. Frequently, this issue is approached considering that the rock formationExpand