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In vitro and in vivo Anticancer Activity of Nanosize Zinc Oxide Composites of Doxorubicin
A new vector delivery system for the known antitumor drug, doxorubicin in the form of polymeric (PEO, starch-NaCMC) hydrogels, in which nanosize ZnO film of a certain thickness are deposited directly on the drug surface on glass substrate by DCmagnetron sputtering of a zinc target.
Antitumor activity of imidazole derivatives: dacarbazine and the new alkylating agent imidazene (Review)
The physicochemical properties and antitumor activity of dacarbazine, its analogs, and the new alkylating agent imidazene are reviewed. It is shown that the activity of dacarbazine is superior to
Micronucleus-inducing and antitumor activity of three newly synthesized bridged nitrogen atom-containing pyrimidines.
The compound DGS-618 which does not induce MN both in vivo and in vitro and shows antitumor activity in vivo is worth testing in other tumor models.
Synthesis, antineoplastic and antimonoamineoxidase activity of 3-allyl-4-oxo-2-thioxo-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydrospiro(benzo[h]quinazoline-5,1'-cyclohexanes)
Reaction of 4-amino-3-ethoxycarbonyl-1,2-dihydrospiro(naphthalene-2,1'-cyclohexane) with allylisothiocyanate was used to synthesize
Relationship between the chemical structures and biological activities (toxicity, mutagenic and antitumor) in newly synthesized derivatives of pyrazolo pyrimidines.
The relationship between chemical structure, micronucleus-inducing and antitumor activities was studied in four newly synthesized pyrazolo pyrymidine compounds and it has been shown that only DGB-216 has slight antitUMor activity and increases the mean life span of mice with Ehrlich ascite carcinoma.
Synthesis and Antitumor Activity of Some Disubstituted 5-(3-Methyl-4-alkoxybenzyl)pyrimidines
The initial reagents were (3-methyl-4-alkoxybenzyl)malonates (I) obtained by reaction of the corresponding 3-methyl-4-alkoxybenzyl chlorides with malonic ester in the presence of sodium ethylate; the
New Drug Delivery System for Cancer Therapy
The paper presents a new drugs delivery system, based on the thin film technology. As a model antitumor drug, highly toxic doxorubicin is chosen. The system is based on the technology of obtaining
Synthesis and antitumor properties of new spiro(benzo[h]quinazoline-7,1′-cyclohexane) derivatives
Abstract4-Amino-3-cyano-1,2-dihydrospiro(naphathaline-2,1′-cyclohexane) (aminonitrile) was converted by interaction with p-tolyl acid chloranhydride into
Imidazole derivatives and their antitumor activity (review)
Bis(2-chloroethyl)amino derivatives of imidazole, 4(5)-aminoimidazol-5(4)-carboxamide, 4-nitro-5-thioimidazole, benzimidazole, and imidazolylpeptides are reviewed. Data are presented for active
Synthesis and antitumor activity of some benzofuryl-substituted 1,2,4-triazoles
A series of 3-benzofuryl-4-phenyl(allyl)-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazoles have been synthesized by cyclization of the corresponding substituted thiosemicarbazides of benzofuran-2-carboxylic acid.